Posting Greeting Cards

Wah today new discovery at Pos Malaysia. We send greeting cards for the 2 major festive seasons every year and only today I found out about the standard and requirements. Last year we sent it at RM0.45 so this year I decided to check out the cost since we changed to a smaller and hence lighter card.

Me – How much postage is required for this Hari Raya Card?

Postgirl – 50 sen.

Me – Huh? Wah so expensive one?? Why leh?

Postgirl – Oh because you used stick on a label for the address and you stamped the sender address at the wrong place. So this is considered non-standard.

Me – Huh?!!?

Postgirl – You should stamp the sender’s address on top left corner of envelope and not use the stick on labels for standard cost at 30 sen only.

Me – Wah, that’s 20 sen savings and times by 100 cards it’s like RM20.00 savings leh!

(Eh to Laundryamah’s small business, every sen counts leh!)

So folks, remember, when sending greeting cards, make sure follow the standard requirements if not end up paying more for nothing! The labels also cost a bomb too but then I was fortunate to have someone very nice who donated a few boxes to me last time…hehehe..


16 responses to “Posting Greeting Cards

  1. eh u removed yrself from blogrolling ah? How come updated but my blogroll never show u’re updated wan? Anyway..its very stupid la have to pay more cos stick place..same same what .. hehehe

    btw..add me in yr msn ler..

  2. huh?? blogrolling, hai meh lei kah?? solly solly dun know leh…added u on msn ledi…

  3. addl charge for non-standard? is there such thing? what’s the rationale?

  4. sei ler, have been sending all those cards using 30sen stamps oni.

  5. Wow.. didn’t know got extra charge for non-standard format.


    Actually this is true. Since 1st January 2006, Pos Malaysia have implemented standard mail. Sender must adhere to rules set by Pos Malaysia including colour, width, etc. This is apparently to simplify the posmen’s job to read address and to sort out mails.

    I think can get more information from

  7. came out before big big in some newspaper ad earlier this year, but I didnt bother to read details…aiks, so this is the consequence ar?

  8. hahaha..i usually sent using online.
    free punya. go to fun lor.

  9. That’s something new to me also. I think POS is punishing the customers for not doing the right thing. Anyway, its been a long time since I send out festive cards.

    By the way, if you don’t seal the envelope, it is only 20 sen.

  10. wah…what a rip-off.

  11. I don’t know about the rules here too…everytime just send and send…sometimes the letter got returned becuase the blur me forgot to put stamps!! And that cost me S$$1.50…heartpain!!

  12. I thought only China have to put the sender’s address in top left corner, only i know it’s a standard rule.

  13. oh yeah… remember to use white envelopes too coz they will charge extra for coloured envelopes…coz considered as non-standard.

  14. wahh..looks like our POS MALAYSIA is very poor, making money out from us for this kinda small things huh

  15. What about the possibility of pulling out of Iraq, letting Iran invade and lose resources fighting their own kind,
    and then come in and mop up the dregs?

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