Maniacs on the road

I was inspired to make this post after reading a post from Momsgather.

1.Drive to Malacca yesterday

I had to drive down to Malacca yesterday. It was a pleasant drive down despite the road works along NKVE and reached Malacca in about 2 hours+. However, the drive back was not as good as I left Malacca around 5 pm. As the time approaches 6 pm I noticed some crazy drivers speeding like mad. Weyo? Time to break fast la. Ayo, so gian to break fast dunwan life meh..I was overtaking also when there was this car that came so close my back, I really hate drivers liddat, so dangerous. Just give me a flash and I will know what to do wat! Well, she, yes a she and wearing tudung also, was tailing me so close but I didn’t bother about her cos I want to overtake the next few cars too! Dun tell me I have to slow down just to let her go and then speed up again meh! Ayooooooo…not long after that another guy who is also obviously rushing home to break fast was tailing me again.


Familiar with this line? Meaning, see a STOP sign, means, STOP the vehicle, LOOK out for cars and GO when it’s clear.

Ok, there is this weird juntion that leads to my mom’s place (pix on the left). There was a Pajero coming from the left on the top of the T and there was an Altis coming from the road perpendicular to the straight road. The Altis is supposed to have the right of way but the Pajero just drove straight without stopping despite Altis honking at him. Usually first time visitors are kinda excused for missing the stop sign due to the bushes and trees the council planted. But then hor, there is a straight white line across the road leh, how they pass undang-undang (traffic rules) ah? So the Altis was very angry, and when Pajero swerved one side to try to avoid road bump (that road bump ah cannot avoid one lor, sure one wheel have to go over the bump but I don’t know why some drivers still do that), Altis actually stopped the car, wound down the window and tried to reason with the Pajero! Wah, that Pajero guy was like so fierce, didn’t admit mistake obviously and started to curse using sign language! Shiaks man! Then the Pajero sped up and overtook the Altis despite one car coming from the opposite direction. The Pajero then stopped the car and waited! He was like looking for a fight liddat! Than Altis guy’s balls must have shrunk till like peanuts ok cos he didn’t take any action! I was telling hubby, if Pajero guy comes out to pick a fight, I will sure go down and help tumbuk him! Hubby said no need, just take pictures la..AIYA!!!! That reminded me…forgot to take pictures! Cheh!
3. Give way lane
This happened quite some time ago when I was driving my hubby’s car which was a faster car. I was going into a lane where I had to give way for ongoing traffic. So I naturally stopped to look out for cars la, me baca buku and know my undang-undang one wat! There was this bozo driving a BMW who didn’t notice I stopped so he had to brake till his tires botak leow! He then angrily over took me and showed me the finger! I was like what the hell?? So I made a sign back, scissors cutting the FINGER! (try and imagine how la!) Wah he got so mad that he stopped the car and got out summore! Wah this guy memang didn’t baca buku despite the fact he was descently dressed and had an elderly passenger in the car. I was like waiting for him to walk over so I could drive off leaving him standing there like an idiot but he didn’t as I think the lady in the car (could be the mother) asked him to get back in. It’s like what’s he thinking? His feet can be faster than my wheels ah?? Bozo! Then he was trying to be funny and turning his car from one lane to another not allowing me to overtake him! Then came a Storm whom I think saw what he was doing. The Storm kind of drove very slowly and then I managed to overtake him and I actually waved at him with the most triumphant grin on my face! Wah he was so mad and eventhough I couldn’t hear him, I was sure he was major cursing at me! Bluekkkkk!

9 responses to “Maniacs on the road

  1. yeah! these chi sin drivers must be punished! the BMW guy really deserve to look stupid! kan-ba-teh!


    LOL!!!!I like your scissor action!!! nice counter attack!!!!!! The “wave” was it the Queen Elizabeth type wave??? LOL LOL LOL!!! So farnee!

  3. Walau.. i like yr drawing la!

  4. wah.. want to cut the KKC ah? Terror woh.. So bold you are! šŸ˜›

  5. Wah lau eh. You really bold ler. Tak takut road bully ke?

  6. wah! laundryamah oh! Dont play play oh!

  7. Las montaƱas

    hi, nice insight into malaysian driving!

  8. Hey guys-Yah come to think of it, I was quite bold, in fact I’ve used the scissors action a few times! Aiya who asked them to show the finger?

    las montanas-yes tq & welcome!

  9. Haha…i can imagine your scissor hand!

    Sometimes i would feel like nowadays a lot of mad drivers that will threaten our life.

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