Ayo today everyone under the weather

My kids have been coughing for weeks now and today I also kena leow. In fact I felt uneasy yesterday but had to drive down south to do a demo and came back only about 9.30p.m. I could feel my legs getting really oozie while driving back and was getting chills ledi. So I was speeding like mad! Nevermind la, I think all the cops went to buka puasa and should be eating the whole night so will not be able to catch me! Was so dead tired when I arrived, just showered and dumped kids to bed and I dropped dead too. Kylie was crying a little while but I was just too tired to do anything, thank God she slept shortly after that…I think cos I was too dead tired…Kylie was coughing the whole night also..poor lil baby….

Today my voice also changed. Fast fast went to see doctor..so it will not become worse! Wah after my nap, developed fever summore…aiya better not continue sleeping, got up and went online! Hahaha…believe or not?? Got better wor! muahahahahaa….


12 responses to “Ayo today everyone under the weather

  1. Haha..internet is your best medicine now! Ok, surf more net to have speedy recovery!

    Just kidding la, rest more and take Vit-C, last Friday i fell sick too, but i recovered within 2 days as i took 3 tablets of Vit-C and drank plenty of plain water. It really helped me as normally i only be recovered after a week.

  2. Nowadays with the haze around people are getting sick especially ‘kat kat’. Stay indoor better. Get well soon! Need you to laundry ler.

  3. hehe… hope you are better today…

  4. Julianblog.julianmorin.com

    The haze in Sabah is also so bad that even non stop rain for 3 days did not clear it away. Gosh, the storms we have here. Strong wind and heavy rain mainly happening at night.

  5. mottmott.blogsome.com

    What I do is, pump myself with pills, because when kids get sick, all u need is your strength. I know it’s not the best thing to do..sure suffer later one…

    I aso don’t bother with dr anymore..i go see my pharmacist..i buy in advance my anti-histamines (drowsy n non-drowsy)..HAHAHAHAHAH!!!! So naughty la me!

    but glad to hear you’re ok..your lil ones need you well!

  6. HAHA!i like the way u give the good excuse that speeding and no “mata” catch u..they went for buka puasa..LOL!
    Anyway, u take care & speedy recovery n same to kylie..

  7. huisia-thks for the advise..but i dun hv vit c now.. 😦

    aceone & julian-yah man blame all this cough cough on the haze!

    oscarmom-still hvg fever wor…but then hor still can watch korean drama! muahahahaha

    m.o.t.t.- i know i should be taking my supplements but i dunno y i’m so lazy & forgetful one wor…supplements kept till expired leow! gila or not??


  8. Now, who needs the Dr? Get well soon.

  9. Ha ha So, the online drug helped to cure you ah? Hope you get well soon and Kylie too, poor mommy & poor girl.

  10. i think you got blogolitis. LOL
    take care & get well soon. 🙂

  11. must be the haze lah…

  12. King’s wife- ya lar..this bloggin keeps me sane n healthy!!

    Imom-Online drug so far so good leh..Kylie still hvg runny nose n cough cough..

    Nyonya-Heh lor..kang heh blogolitis!

    Jazz-Haze is making it more difficult to recover lor…yucks!

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