My Lil Princess

She’s one active lil girl, in fact more active than Kieran when he was her age. She can’t sit still in the car seat and always throw up a fit. Here are some pictures as evidence!

She has escaped from captivity and wailing for attention!

This above shows that she has been rescued by mommy and still wailing!


14 responses to “My Lil Princess

  1. Angeleyes

    I also quite worry leh… Darrius never sits on a car seat before and we are getting one for him when we arrived in LA (it’s a law there…compulsory) and I can foresee that he will kick a fuss like Kylie too.

  2. Haha..the way she cried very fake hor?! Active good, more active means more clever.

  3. my girl also does that, she will let herself loose from the belt sometimes!! Their bones are so flexible they can do all this huh. Now I tell her, everyone in the car wears belt, so u must wear. She bought my idea kekeke


    wah..either the child seat v. small or she’s big!

    My. No.2..y he so small?? he’s only 2 mths younger than your Kylie???!!! now, i’m worried.. 😉

  5. Wuah So Manja!

  6. heehee..the way kylie cry just like cruz..very fake..but cruz will not rub the eye,he will just make his eye more smaller and pretend like crying,got sound n got crocodile tear also oh..:)

  7. Lil manja, my bb will pretend cry oso if I ignore him but his cry like smiling cos saw his 2 pearly white …hehehee

  8. My girl outgrew the car seat & this lousy mommy never bother to buy a booster seat 😦 So I only put half seatbelt on her when I drive (waist part).

  9. She’s one drama cute..after being rescued still must cry somemore..very manja huh..but girl mah, never mind lah..;P

  10. angel-yah that might be a problem but on the other hand it could be something new and fun to him too!

    huisia-ya she’s very clever in faking a cry! works on me all the time…dunno y i keep falling for it!

    jazz-can’t reason with her now..still too young i think..

    mott-hmm i dun think it’s the size, she just doesn’t like to be confined

    sasha-ya lor daddy sed my fault!

    annie & rachel-ya she’s oscar winner!

    imoms-eventho i put kieran on a booster seat he still puts the seat belt around his waist only..

    blurblur-dat’s what i tell daddy 🙂

  11. girl girl..dun cry..cum kor kor take you go buy tanglung!!

  12. mummy’s heart pun melted liao. 😉

  13. she looks so kesian ler..

  14. Mummy always rescue her huh?? that’s why she always ‘teh’ mummy.

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