Transfer Ownership

My dad has left us without writing a will and we had to get a High Court Letter of Administration (LA) to appoint the administrator for his assets. There were still two cars under his name and we couldn’t do anything with the cars because of that. We only managed to get the Court LA very late and then again we let it rest. First I took out the remaining few hundred RM he had in his bank and then only today I transfered the names of the vehicles. The car salesman has no idea how it’s done in JPJ so we just went with whatever documents we thought was suitable.

According to the car salesman, the rules change according to the officer’s mood and weather! Wah liddat oso can! True lor. When we went downstairs to validate the documents, that guy is supposed to validate the photocopy of any original documents e.g.Identification Card or the Court LA. but he only validated the IC and said it’s not necessary for the LA. When we went upstairs, the officer said must validate the LA! Well what to do? Go down again la! Then another surprise was the transfer cost me RM100.00 per car. I only had RM152.00 in my wallet leh! Thank God the salesman had RM50.00 to lend to me…if not got to go out to ATM! Memalukan! (so embarassing) The remaining RM2.00 was very important, weyo? Parking in there cost RM2.00 for 3 hours! Good thing all done within 3 hours!


11 responses to “Transfer Ownership

  1. Good loh, now everything ‘kau tim’ ledi.

  2. betul-betul benci that dept.
    just to cancel ownership claim pun they send me downstairs, then upstairs to queue to get number and then wait summore like a dunggu.

  3. Angeleyes

    amah…like you said lor…our bolehland is memang like that one lor…

  4. aceone-ayo belum one more property i oso dunno what to do leh..

    nyonya-yaler..up n down up n down..

    angeleyes-ya ler…


    government department staff mentality always like that one. I have never come across any department who is friendly and helpful

  6. eh my mom did a will when she died, but still need a LA come ah.

    till today my mom’s insurance money still stuck there cant take out, so sien. and the house under her name still aiyooo


    yea.. i was just wondering if there was a big diff if there was a will involved.

  8. Don’t talk about Gahmen deptlah, can vomit blood wan šŸ˜›

  9. Presumably, they handle lots of cases like these on daily basis. So how can they still give different instructions? I really don’t understand how they cant get it right. Really waste people’s time only.

  10. mommy of two angels

    guess its time we get our lau-yer and get a proper will done!

  11. M’sia boleh!

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