Pan Global Does Not Rock lor

OK I’m still at the car issue and now I have cancelled the insurance for my old car and would like to find out how to transfer my NCD to the new insurance. We have actually been with this particular insurance company that has been serving us very well but because of my Alliance Bank Visa card, I have been introduced to Pan Gloabal Insurance (who call themselves Pan Global Rocks! Rock my foot!). I really hate the phone systems that these companies employ;

Thank you for calling bla bla bla, please press the extention number bla bla bla, for English please press 1, for customer service please press 1 bla bla bla….at the end of the day, all our customer service representatives are busy! Shiaks! Then I got connected to the operator and she transfered me to the same computer message! I called her again and insisted to talk to a human being and she transferred me to Complains department who in turn again transferred me to that same computer message again!!!!!!!!! Ayooooooooooo…so I had no choice but to leave my number as per their instructions. I thought that would be unreliable and they will never call me back..hajiman! The customer service consultant called me back like in 5 minutes while I was typing this! Cheh! Why can’t they just give me the NCD letter when I cancelled to avoid having to put me through this totally unnecessary stress leh???


11 responses to “Pan Global Does Not Rock lor

  1. Hahaha…All these companies have the same Phone thing, I pressed like 10 buttons then waited like 10 minutes before somebody at Maxis was finally free to talk to me to change my billing address…

  2. be careful. theose phone systems are designed to induce hypertension. LOL

  3. Actually it is quiet simple, take a form from your new Insurance company. Fill it up and it will automatically transfered. You also need to photocopy your IC.

    If this insurance company is already giving you stress now, think about when you really need them. I always go for a company that serve better, even if I have to pay a little bit more.

  4. i hate those answering machine…always put u on hold


    I used PanGlobal for my car insurance as well but never encountered such problems. But then again, I never called their hotline… everything deal through a local agent which provide good service.

  6. mommy of two angels

    teach u lots of patience huh!! hahahaha

  7. Luckily their call centre is not in Bangalore and then you get some Indians to talk to you in their thick accent..

    That time lagi stress I tell you.


    insurance,banks,telcos…all stressful one. but try ringing utilities when you need it the’s a KILLLERRRRRRRR!!!

  9. Normally, when you transfer your car insurance to another insurance company you just have to show your original insurance certificate and they’ll kau tim for you wan!

  10. nick – i think maxis so far not much least i get to speak to a person and that person most of the time quite nice..

    nyonya-i’m still young leh..dunwan to get hypertension so fast for lor!

    michelle & aceone-the problem is Pan Global personel didn’t advise wor..

    jazz-ya lor…and then hor the music sucks summore

    julian-lucky la u got agent, we bought direct ma…so no agent lor

    2angels-patience?????? gone-ned

    zaramama-warao..u kena before ah? cialatt lor..

    m.o.t.t.-that’s what technology does to ppl…eh i thot supposed to help one???

  11. My hubby had the same problem also, somemore the new agent raise voice to him and eventually kena sound kau kau by my hubby and finally he got it done for him. 🙂

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