Kylie the potential rock/mountain Climber

Today supposed to post on Kieran but hubby took camera back to lil princess again…She’s always climbing, anything that she can climb she will! Ayo, how come this girl so chor lor (unladylike) one???


10 responses to “Kylie the potential rock/mountain Climber

  1. Hahaha, a very potential climber indeed.

    Whose kid doesn’t like to climb leh? U haven’t seen mine climbing to the top of the grille and would be shouting for help cos she knows how to go up and doesn’t know to come down … sigh …..

  2. aiyoyo…Kylie so cute…

    yeah yeah…all small kids love to climb and my Darrius is no exception…

  3. can train her lah. next time can be a professinal climber..hehe..

    My heart always skip a beat whenever i see kids climbing here and scared they might just trip and fall…aiyo..

  4. she likes to climb up the seat and play the piano next??

  5. hehehe so busy la amah…got a climber around the house


    Just like my niece, every where she can grab hole with her tiny hands, she will climb, including the bar counter.

  7. Aiyah.. at this age.. they want to climb anything they can get their hands on ler.

    She didn’t use you as a pole to climb? Zara used to do that on me.

  8. mommy of two angels

    they want to see more things mah..higher can see more…


    Haha so cute!!! Did she go to you to get help???

  10. nicktay

    Don’t mess, later she become the first Malaysian girl to climb everest 🙂

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