100th Post!!

How time flies! Now I’ve reached the 100th post..Well, this post has been long overdue actually cos all the events actually happened last week.

Two Birthday Parties in a Day
We went to two birthday parties two Sundays ago. First one was my cousin’s daughter’s 2nd birthday and then to my niece’s 5th birthday. Boy did the boy have fun!

Face painting was organised by my cousin in the earlier party. Kieran as usual stole the limelight from my niece by squeezing into the birthday chair. Was fascinated with the girl wearing the superman suit! Cool! My niece’s friend..
Kieran’s Bottom Front Teeth

Both Kieran’s bottom front teeth had been wobbly for quite some time but I didn’t want to take him to the dentist to remove them as he was going to be a ringbearer for my friend’s wedding last Sunday. However, nature had to take its place and the teeth couldn’t wait so one came out while he was having dinner last Thursday. The other one came off before he went to sleep. He insisted to place the teeth under his pillow. (Must have had had this idea from tv or school). So when he fell asleep, I placed RM2.00 under his pillow to give him a surprise. The next morning, the moment he woke up his took up his pillow and saw his surprise! He was so excited and kept telling everyone about the money left behind by the tooth fairy.

Here’re some photos of him as the ringbearer. We told him to walk slowly but he didn’t know how to pace himself and ended up walking like a orang cacat! (handicap!) It’s so weird that I don’t think I want to upload the video la…We taught him how to smile to avoid showing the gap in his teeth!

Left pix-with one of Kieran’s kindy teacher who happens to be the aunty to the groom and sister of the flower girl (same age as him and still taller than him one…)
Right pix-With the flower girl (1 year older than him but so much taller one…)
Kieran’s work of art
This is Kieran’s drawing of the our family! The number next to each person is the age of the person. So can guess who is who??


18 responses to “100th Post!!

  1. wah! so young already so leng chai liao! Amah! next time u will be busy “interview” with all the gf!Eh, from Kieran’s Art i notice there is one more little baby lei..pssstt (on the way ) kah? hahaha..

  2. Julianwww.julianmorin.com/blog

    Dressing up children in wedding is always so nice one.

    35 is daddy and mummy, 5 is Kieran, 1 is Kylie, who’s 21? Maid ah? 😛

  3. mottmott.blogsome.com

    v leng chai! Wah..mum n dad so young !!! *grins*

  4. Kieran looks handsome in the suit. Can pose without gigi ronggak some more..heh heh. Ya hor, who is the one 21 years old?

  5. yes agree with Julian. 21 is maid.

  6. Nice pix of him as the ring bearer..

    21 is Kakak?
    cute drawing.

  7. yes the 21 yr old is the kakak..my son regards her as family!

    annie-eh..where got? little one 1 yr old is kylie leh!

  8. first time visited this blog through ace’s blog link….cool this ama!

    my 1st think of this blog was about nursering pulak.hahaha.sorry….then slowly found out that this blog giving warm heart and lovely messages….erm something like that lah…

    all the best!

  9. Angeleyeshttp://ramblingmoo.wordpress.com/

    wah…Kieran very leng chai wor somemore with that red bow tie… must have attracted lots of leng lui during that wedding. His drawing veli cute leh…

  10. mommy of two angels

    wah so handsome…now less 2 gigi…like erika….hahahha

  11. hanchem boy u have there amah ..

  12. fuiyoh..handsome boy getting married lidat!!

  13. Happy 100 posts!
    35 is you and hubby
    5 is Kieran
    1 is Kylie
    21 is maid.

    Wow, your maid is so young! Pandai masak kah?

  14. andeleyes – no lar…the main charaters were the bride & groom wat..hahaha…

    2angels-ya lor but the new teeth growing out leow..so fast ler..

    milkmaid & aceone-tenqiu tenqiu…

    huisia-ya maid vely young..can la can cook…i’m not too fussy ler..

  15. nicktayhttp://the-reflector.com

    very leng chai 🙂 Whoes wedding ah? Issit that Amber? the flower girl I mean.

  16. nick-yes it’s amber. it’s tommy ng’s wedding, he’s from donald’s cell group. dun think u know him leh..

  17. Happy 100th post!!

    My oh My, Kieran is such a looker!!!

  18. wahh..very leng chai wohh :).

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