Food Served at Salon

I guess it’s common that tea or some kind of beverage is served at hair salons but the one I go to serves food leh! Each time I go there’s bound to have yummy food and also different summore! Tzeng leh…(excellent or not..) Why do I get such priviledge? No lar I’m not that important a customer la, eh come on, the cost of having my hair done at RM15.00 cannot have food served also la..where got such good deals leh?

Well, what they say, it’s who you know lor..I think I mentioned before, my cousin operates her nyonya kuih factory next door to this salon and they are very close buddies (or rather majong and eating buddies) and my cousin does most of her cooking at the salon’s premises simply because her factory is classified “Halal” meaning only muslim food, so no chinese cooking la! So whenever I’m there, there’s usually food if my cousin is around. Even if she’s not around, some other customer would have cooked something and shared with the salon. So, I’ve been pretty blessed cos each time I go there’s bound to be something yummie! hehehe…

Today’s menu was the “Hokkien style pan mee soup” and it was really yummie yummie no joke leh! Sorry didn’t take picture cos I got too excited and dug in and “chiak ka liow” (finished eating) immediately after it was brought out for me! Can you imagine this luxury of having your hair done and food served????? No leh…. I got lor! Jealous or not?? Muahahahaha…


14 responses to “Food Served at Salon

  1. Angeleyes

    wah so good ah??? next time I must go there for hair cut too…hehhhe

  2. Lucky my saloon not so good. Otherwise, my project “reduce weight” will go down the drain.


    What if hair drop into the food?? hehehe…

  4. Wah…go salon got food to makan…so good!! next time remember to take pic and show us, let us drool..hehe


    paan mein?? i thot some titbits. This is heavy stuff man!!!!

    how does one eat paan mein and do her hair at same time…??? 😉

  6. mommy of two angels

    wah…amah…u never tell me about the food part…now i got extra incentive to go loh..must take me there…and must go with u lah…then can rub some privilege on to me! hehehe…don’t mind adding on some weight…nicer to hug what!

  7. angeleyes-eh not bad n good but cannot expect like those terrer terrer new design la..

    imoms-ya lor eat until fei fei ledi me!

    julian-hair drop in hmm a bit hard but when they spray the hair spray only i sked!

    blurblur-yalar next time must remember to take pics!

    mott-hehe terrer leh..actually my cousin made the pig trotter cuka too! The last time i ate yong tau foo wah,,,Tzeng man!

    2angels-come la come la! i go every saturdays one..the weekday a bit hard for u i guess..

  8. Wah Wah Wah…liddat how to loose weight?

  9. Foot massage centres here also provide food and beverage. It charges RMB42 for 80mins.

  10. Ya, i saw salon near my area also serve food & mineral water. But i dont think is healthy ler, like u mentioned: the hair spray lor!

  11. alllll of you are going to get so FAT FAT FAT!!!! haha sounds like a good place to spend my holidays anyway. kakaka.

  12. sasha-ya ler dat’s y still so fat lor..

    huisia-eh i dun need to pay extra wor! hahaha,,

    jesslyn-dat’s y i eat fast fast la before it kena any spray! LOL! i detect a green monster in the making??

  13. wow so syiok sambil potong sambil makan hehe

  14. jazz-ya project hapus leow

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