Hubby Away Again

LaundryApah has been away a lot lately. So melecehkan lor (inconvenient)..cos he’s the one who usually put the kids to sleep and slaves around for me also! Muahahaha.. He was away on Sunday till Tuesday and he left again early this morning. He left so early that I didn’t even know he left! Really sleepy Amah! Thanks to my midnight blogging!

Tomorrow will be a mega long day for me as I have to do a delivery which LaundryApah usually helps me out with. Then I have to go to the Pan Global office to give them a piece of my mind since I couldn’t get through to their so-called Customer Service on the phone! I actually tried to go today but the traffic was so bad I had to turn back! So tomorrow here I come and they better solve my problem if not there will be a very angry Amah and somebody will kena gau gau chun chun (major slashing) from me….grrrrrrr…..

Ok got to go now as I have to practice with Kieran as he’s going to sing in the choir in his music school end of year concert. He’s going to sing 3 songs, Joy to the World, O Little Town of Bethlehem and Hark the Harald Angels Sing..sounds difficult leh…I shall try my best la!


9 responses to “Hubby Away Again

  1. Wah, busy day tomorrow!!Hopefully no one from the insurance will kena gau gau from you!! Have fun tomorrow!!

  2. Angeleyes

    aiyoh… must be we chatted too late lioa that u can’t wake up and give Laundry apah a Goodbye kiss!

  3. amah! the slide cantik la… apah coming back when la? that cilakak ins comp you give them hell jek! (eh, from the word verification down there ah… when its my turn to comment, sure gip me hard hard wan lor! why ah?)

  4. ahmah GO!!!!! go and scold the insurance fella kau kau..


    Aiyo! I’m imagining you waving a huge rotan around, scolding the PGlobal ppl like they were pre-schoolers! HA HA HA!

  6. Nice slide show, I can see your kids’ younger pix as compared to their recent ones. The one which Kylie holds the bolster so cute 🙂

  7. Amah sure very tired, but Apah at least give you a goodbye kiss ma..

  8. wahh got choir

  9. Laundryapah so good one ah?

    Aiyo.. mine ah.. kick only move.. kick only move..

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