Tagged O-again..

4 things many don’t know

  1. I snore very loudly until saliva meleleh (drooling)..and occasionally talk too!
  2. I still hug my bolster to sleep
  3. I have a habit since I was kid that I can’t get rid off
  4. ….dunno leh…that’s all la

4 movies I cud watch over n over again
hahaha,,this one easy leh..series can anot? can la..

  1. My Name is Kim Sam Soon (Korean Series)
  2. My Girl (Korean Series)
  3. Any of Leslie Cheung movies
  4. Any of Tony Leung Chiu Wai movies

4 places where I lived

  1. SS1, Pee Jay (12 yrs)
  2. Sect.5 Pee Jay (11 yrs)
  3. Melbourne Australia (5 yrs)
  4. KL (7 yrs…..)

4 tv shows that I love

  1. Sex in the City
  2. Desperate Housewives
  3. My Name is Kim Sam Soon (K-drama)
  4. My Girl (K-drama)

4 places I’ve been for vacation

Oi banyaknya…ok la the best 4 la..

  1. USofA: L.A./L.V./S.F. 1996
  2. Bali (2nd honeymoon) 2001
  3. Europe:England/Milan/Paris 2001
  4. Shanghai/Hong Kong 2003

4 of my favourite food
Fulamak! This list is endless la…best 4 oso so difficult to think of lei..

  1. Char Kuey Teow/Or Chien in Bee Hooi Kopitiam, Pulau Tikus, Penang
  2. Ipoh Kuey Teow Soup at Old Town Ipoh, Perak
  3. Har Koh Chee Cheong Fun at one of the kopitiam at Island Glades, Penang
  4. The desserts at Bakerzin

4 places I wud rather b now
Bangkok shopping!
Hong Kong eating!
Jeju Island, Korea looking out for my Korean hunk
Watching my korean drama

4 favourite songs

  1. Songs from My Name is Kim Sam Soon soundtrack
  2. Songs from My Girl soundtrack
  3. All Leslie Cheung songs
  4. ?????

Ok probably this will kinda irritate some people but I got to tag someone leh..hehehehe…so here goes ppl solly ah…

Aceone – solly since u so confident that I will not tag u..hehehe..


11 responses to “Tagged O-again..

  1. All also about Korean Drama wan..

  2. Wah.. you Korean Drama queen ah?

    Don’t we all wish we were some where else instead of working?

  3. hahahha, u’ll be in hk eating soooooooon.

  4. i have done this tag from piffles

    oh yes Hi
    i’m new here

  5. aiyoyo..why tag me?

  6. Mommy to Chumsy

    Wah LaundryAmah, you are such a big fan of Leslie Cheung. So am I 😀 So the leng chai 😀

  7. Hey, Amah, i like My Girl too LOL!
    Recently here got lotsa new Korean sitcoms.

  8. sasha&zaramama-ya ler..me memang korean drama queen leh..hubby sed i watch korean drama only forget that i’m in the real world leow!


    Pisang-hi ya! welcome welcome!

    aceone-hehehe..who ask u to say me blur blur liddat? hahahaha..

    chumsy-i know..Leslie’s so leng chai n he’s the only guy that makes me wanna like u know lick his whole face one!

    huisia-Yah man My Girl is sooooo funny ler!!!!! Yah Korean drama is like vely the popular here oso! usually on channel 8TV & NTV7

  9. envy! u live in melbourne! if not for the unpredictable weather (which is still great), it is a beri good place to live for a while.

  10. wah, u went Milan b4! My another dream place ler!

  11. Hehe, no wonder u good frend with oscar mommy. Both loves Leslie so much.:)

    I noticed hor we “si lai/aunty” really like to watch dram series one hor? I am one of them.

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