Fair not Not??

I was having this conversation with Oscar’s mom just now. It’s about our industry. I don’t know why people always regard launderers as the lowest of lowest, like “dei dai lai” (dirt on the ground). Why can’t people realise that a launderer is a PROFESSIONAL also! We also go thru extensive training and machines and chemicals we use (or rather I distribute) are imported from Europe and USA, and go thru extensive research and development are of state of the art technology also u know! Why am I saying this all of a sudden? Well let me give you a scenario.

We have fixed basic prices on cleaning charges irregardless of the cost of the garment. For example, a customer brings in a G2000 suit (cost about RM400-RM500) and another brings in a HUGO BOSS (RM1500-RM2000) suit and both are charged RM12.00 – RM15.00 per suit. Is that fair or not? For the RM12-15 the launderer is at risk washing the garment and most probably the Hugo owner would have given this statement, “Eh this is very expensive ah..be careful so you don’t spoil ah!” Well, for that statement itself wouldn’t it be fair that the launderer charge more for cleaning that so-called expensive garment since extra care has to be taken into consideration? But if the launderer charges more, what would the reaction of the Hugo owner be?

Hugo-Oh ok, charge la..but you do a good job ah… (you think got this kind of people still alive on this earth ah?)


Hugo-What? Like dat oso want to charge more ah, how can? In fact hor, your normal charge already expensive wor, last time hor, I wash ah RM8 only wor!

eh..what happened to the composed nature about how expensive his suit is ah? And then hor, considering that it’s an expensive suit, if anything is wrong with it, I’m sure Hugo owner will demand for compensation. Like for the miserable RM12-15 charge to wash the garment, how do you expect the launderer to compensate a RM1500 suit leh???

In fact most launderers have a clause printed on the back of their docket stating that compensation is only 10 times the cost of the wash. But usually will the consumer settle the case for RM120 for a damaged HUGO suit??


8 responses to “Fair not Not??

  1. I think the Hugo will say the second statement LOL since people are like this, willing to spend generously on own fancies but sure will be stingy on service.

  2. wah, your industry also give headache one hor.

  3. aiyooh, lidat if launder zegna suit, apa maciam leh?

  4. hehe ask them to sign agreement first, then if koyak not so bad mah 😛

  5. I love laundramats. Actually, I just love huge front load machines that u guys hv.

    And..I always shy-shy when I send my sofa cover for cleaning. *whispering* because it’s soooooo dirty *blushes* I give, pay deposit and run out fast fast! HA HA HA!

  6. Its not the industry susah lah.. its the general mindset of the customers.

    In most western countries, customers ARE prepared to pay, for good quality of a finished product or service.

  7. huisia-u got it rite! most customers here r liddat!

    aceone-it’s becos the ppl in the industry are not united

    nyonya-zegna shud fall under the Hugo category leh..hehehe…

    jazz-u know there r ppl who actually target laundries to get compensation by purposely sending a defective garment!

    mott-eh dun wait till so dirty only send la..if laundry cannot clean it properly u accept or not?? hahaha..eh u done my tag ledi or not?

    LM-actually the launderers are to be blamed oso la..some bend down to customers by lowering prices make it like so cheapskate!

  8. I think ppl are lidat one lo. No matter how rich they are, they also have some “kiam siap” mentality one.

    Actually I think all industry also hv their own problem one la, got human, got problem, cannot avoid.

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