Fruitful Holiday Part 2

Part of the activities during the Raya Holidays

Thanks to ideas from Jazzmint & Zara’s Mama, I made some paint using food colouring mixed in slightly heated cornflour solution (to thicken the solution and make it look like the normal water colour paint). Wah those food colouring dun play play ah..sticks to the skin and takes at least a few washes before coming off one…especially green colour. So be wary of greenish looking foodstuff! Since it stayed on my fingers, I thought better not risk the clothes la (even tho I have like terrer detergent to remove). Kylie didn’t really have fun as she was suffering from constipation, and was really not her normal active & inquisitive self. Finally she dropped the bomb later that night and she was back to normal!
Play Doh
On another day, I made some playdough thanks to some online recipes. I actually surfed for a few to choose from. Very easy to do, I chose the cooked ones, but the smell was like so weird lor. But after it’s ready it’s ok. I made 3 colours first, knowing very well it will not last long cos I know my son has tendency to combine all the colours into one lor! Sure enough, he did it again the next day and the whole room was full of the pieces! Check out the “curry puff” I made! I don’t know why each time I play with any type of dough, I sure shape it into a curry puff lor!
New Toy (New “Toilet”
Since Kylie was having so much fun with this rocking thingy (don’t know what to call it la) at church so I decided to get one for the house. She only wanted to ride it only when kor kor goes for it. Then Kor kor went into hiding. Can you spot him in the photo?
He hid inside the rocking thingy at one time and we didn’t know. Then he suddenly came out once the maid walked past and that gave her a scare! Can you imagine how skinny he is!


15 responses to “Fruitful Holiday Part 2

  1. kieran is behind that white chair?

  2. wei, screamyx finally came back online ah? haha, bolehland tak boleh harap wan!!!

  3. Hehehe..I liked curry puff and also during CNY the small (kok chai) is nice too.

  4. wahh make cornflour water somemore…creative ;).

    kieran behind the chair, i can see his legs kekekeke…

    haha at least u better than me lah, i think i probably make do with a snake LOL

  5. Wow, painting in the bathroom sure’s fun, hoh. Easy to wash off after that also. But, me damn lazy. Once Gordon tries that out, it’ll be nightmare for me everyday.

    And that rocking thingy looks like fun to me. I saw a bouncy thingy at the complex when i was out the other day. Some animal-shaped rubber with ears for the kids to hold on to when they sit on it and bounce. I think ikea has one liddat also, right…. square shaped.


    eh..good idea..paint in bathroom..easy to wash off both wall and scoundrels! Thank you thank you! NOW ONLY YOU TELL !!!! AIYO!!!

  7. Nyonya-heh lor heh lor…isn’t he cheeky??

    Oscar’s mom-no screamyx thx to me remember?? i unplugged the wire wat..blur blur liddat..

    aceone-curry puff yummy leh..the one in SS2 is like the bestest evarrr..corner shop facing old Maybank..

    jazz-ten q ten like habit la make the curry puff..hahaha…

    samm-yah yah the bouncy ball oso i bot but hor i don’t know how to inflate it!!!!

    mott-yah very easy to wash off but the green color a bit stubborn but eventually oso came off..solly solly didnt tell earlier cos i oso 1st time ma…hahaha..

  8. wah u very good la.. can make so many activities with yr kids.

  9. Yep, I can see Kieren behind the chair. U reminded me Ryan is also so skinnylah 😦

  10. Colouring? If me I’ll go crazy having to washup afterwards!! lol You’re a gem!

    Hey, Kylie is soooooo cute. Does she get pinched alot? I know I will definitely want to pinch her cheeks!! lol

  11. Sasha-all these activities also thanks to blogging la..if not me one vely lauya mommy one..

    immoms-i know i know…he’s too skinny..doesn’t eat ma..

    helen-very easy to wash up one,,just spray water n rub rub a bit..errr..will not pinch her cheeks cos she already drools a lot..hahaha..

  12. share the play dough recipe….

    Btw, Crayola washable paint is very good for painting, and it is easily washable from clothes and walls..

  13. Haha..koko is under the chair.
    Hey,i spot that your house is full of toys LOL!

  14. Yup, he’s under the chair..hehe..

    You mean he can squeeze himself under the rocking toy??? He’s soooo skinny?? sorry huh, i’m just very surprised..;p but hor, he’s very flexible also mah..

  15. wah! Amah,u real “kheng” lei! can do playdough and paint.Ya,good idea,play in the bathroom.Thanks for sharing!

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