Seeing Double

Everybody comments that Kylie looks exactly like Kieran when he was her age, I reckon also. In fact both also had the same condition called Torticollis but Kylie’s case was not so bad as she was a smaller baby. I thought that there was something wrong with the shape of my uterus which caused this condition but my gynae assured me it has nothing to do with it as it was of a normal size and shape! Phew..

Anyway, just now my maid dressed Kylie in Kieran’s old Winnie the Pooh suit so I took the opportunity to take a picture for comparison sake. Can you guess who is who?


14 responses to “Seeing Double


    right is kylie. left is kieran. betul tak?

  2. yeah man!! twins

  3. WMD: Wife, Mother, Daughter

    I did the same for my sons too.

    Dropped by for the first time yesterday and I enjoy your blog v. much.

    I think I know you. Check your yahoo email and let me know if I’m right.

  4. the one holding the left foot is kieran and the one sticking out the tongue is kylie.

  5. Yeah The left is Kylie and the right one is Kieran!!

  6. How they dress also cute ler!

  7. mott-note nyonya n wenn got the right answers! hahaha,,

    nick-what to mould in my uterus ma…

    wmd-welcome welcome..& thanks!

    nyonya&wenn-so cleber!! hahaha..

    aceone-of course ler..amah mia children ma!

  8. both oso got that playful look huh..and so fair!!

    left kylie, right kieran

  9. wah!! really really look alike, but i’d guess left is kylie too… 😀

  10. Left is Kylie..right is kieren!

  11. jazz,shannon & sasha-yes yes correct!

  12. I guessed correctly before reading the comments 😉

  13. Ya lor, *hi five* Imm. Easy to differentiate mar hor? Kekekekeke.

  14. I know, left is Kylie and the right is Kieran, betul kah?

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