Children’s Day

Kieran’s kindy celebrated Children’s Day today. Each year they have a theme. Last year I dressed him up as a tiger (actually won a prize!) and this year it was the Wild Wild West theme. As usual, this Amah very last minute, went shopping for things to make his Red Indian Suit. It’s quite sad looking but at least I gave it a try and put in some effort la…(that’s why didn’t win lor..When I saw one kid coming in wearing a cactus, I knew that’s chance! Wow so creative!

Made his plaits with yarn (he kept complaining that I was making him into a girl and his friends would laugh at him!) and feathered headdress. I sewed the frillies on the vest and on the side of his jeans. Was too lazy to make the bow and arrows….too bad..

Kids with the Dog

We adopted a dog called Duke from a friend quite some time ago despite protests from LaundryApah but I thought it was good for the kids. But we had to leave the dog at mom’s place as she was complaining of cats coming into her compound. It was a Labrador Retriever and was quite a looker. Unfortunately, to our dismay he was the most disobedient dog we ever reared! So we had to keep him locked up at all times at the backyard.

Initially, Kieran was terrified of him but slowly he got used to him and found that Duke was very gentle and tame. Kylie of course knows no fear and she loves to go near and “talk” to him, just like this, “woo woo woo…” We haven’t been taking good care of him and this type of dog needs company and lots of tender loving care. Will try to spend more time with him..

15 responses to “Children’s Day

  1. mom2ashley

    labrador retrievers are actually very tame and good with kids. perhaps duke is not obedient because he is not trained? you can bring duke to the obedience training organized by malaysian kennel association. i brought sydney (my lab retriever) there too for 1 course.


    You have a lab retriever??? Ah..they are very very gentle!!!! I think Mom2Ashley is right. He just needs to be shown the kids.

    BTW, Kieran was actually self-conscious about the plaits? Wow..looks like I have watch out for this.

    And..sorry about mixing up the two pictures…they look so alike!

  3. Which school does Kieran go? So happening leh. Wah! Amah was very creative too. The outfit looks great on Kieran but too bad he din win.

    Eeeeee… I don’t like the looks on the dog leh. Don’t get him near me when I visit u, okay? *run away*

  4. aiyoh, poor duke! eh, who shower duke now? and who takes him to the vet?

  5. mom2ashley-the previous owner actually sent him for training before and all he knows is sit down, stay and shake hands, dat oso must be done in confined area! “fainted”

    mott-well i guess kids associate long hair and plaits with girls only.

    tracy-eh dun sked dun sked..duke very gentle one..just like to run out of the house only! hahaha…

    oscarmom-david will take care when he’s back and the maid bathes him lor…

  6. hahaha…. end up did he get laughed at? i guess not eh? must tell him, need to trust mama… haha

  7. Let the dog roam around the compound ma can jaga for you oso.

  8. Shannon-i dun think anyone laughed at him la..

    Ace-let run around compound very risky cos when we come back we tend to forget and open the autogate and he can run away! very difficult to catch him back u know!

  9. we have a golden retriever, the world’s friendliest dog. still, i dont like grodon playing with it. cos whn he goes out, he’ll npt be able to tell which dog will bite and which one doesnt.

    aiyo, chewren day, must play dress-up wan ah. how come during my time dun have wan. my mama never dress me up like a flower wannnn?

  10. i see you did a good job on the outfit.
    nasib baik i don’t have kids in kindy now – i’m hopeless with the needle.

  11. Wow, the theme and the cactus are so special and creative. But,your red indian look is good too.

  12. Lab retrievers are very tame, good with children and intelligent too. just need to train them. If and when i get a dog, i’m planning to get a lab retriever too.

  13. samm-aiya in our time where got so much excitement wan…boring ler..

    nyonya-hahaha…me oso cincai cincai leh..

    huisia-actually i was not too happy with the red indian look i did for him..but too last minute..

    shooi-ya agree dat’s y i agreed to adopt him lor, he’s really gentle just loves to dash out only!

  14. The lab is supposedly the most obedient dog.. lol Guess yours is one in a million.. lol

    Psst, if you think the lab is a handful, try dalmation..*roll eyes* Guaranteed vomit blood!

  15. wahh..cactu outfit somemore..parents are getting creative nowadays huh..I think if it’s me, sure loose oredi haha..i got no patiece for all this.

    aiks..why ur lab so restless LOL

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