It’s been some time since I last travelled from KLIA…yah it was since my last trip to China in 2003. So I actually was kinda blur when walking in the the departure hall. I actually walked into the lane for foreign passports! The officer said that since it’s kinda quiet he’ll let me go this time, if not he will “halau”..yup that’s his exact word, “halau!” (chase away)

I am now waiting at the airport lounge and this stupid $%^& gate is right next to the smoking lounge so I’m now inhaling big time second hand smoke! Shiaks, what’s the difference when they have a smoking lounge but it’s not smoke proof??!!

Ayo..sleepy la and the stench of the 2nd hand smoke is not helping and I really hate it hate it hate it..cos now my clothes and hair is like absorbing the stench…yucks!

The line sucks and it’s so slow…I can’t surf much but still manage to put up this post!


6 responses to “Sleepy….

  1. wah!Amah!”kheng kheng kheng” & “pui fok”!At the airport waiting lounge also can blog ah..”sai lei”!


    Have a fun,fun fun trip!!!!! Don’t hold up the airplane ah!!!

  3. I think now you sure “oi-oi-ing” in plane! Have a good sleep!

  4. wah..the officer so rude one ah? have a good & safe trip.

  5. Julian

    If can post from aeroplane lagi “keng”. SIA got this Wifi access in their plane.

  6. hi all-yah yah our KLIA so generous gave wireless free ma! But now in Italy everything also PAY PAY! nothing is free, so online EURO5 per 30 mins!! YES airline delayed all the way…

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