First thing I came to office was to check my passport and stuff. I opened my safe and took out all the passports, saw my son’s, my daughter’s, my old expired one and my maids….EH! SHIAKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHERE THE ‘L’ IS MY CURRENT VALID PASSPORT???? PANIC ledi!!!!!!!! Sifted through all the documents inside the safe, checked my ever so messy drawers…TADAK!! Sei lor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t play me leh….went and search in my room, and dug out every single bag but still….TADAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sweating by now..OTOKE???

Called hubby to stress him out la…cannot stress alone wat! Then he said he will come back from his conference in Nilai and sent me this sms, “I’m sacrificing my career for you…”…

Then got maid to help bring out all my clothes while I continue searching my messy office table. The maid came down like in a few minutes with my PASSPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She was saying it was in the blue plastic drawer la..BUT BUT BUT..I searched it just now wor…didn’t see one…..

Anyways, THANK GOD that it’s not like MISSING as in terdropped on the road or wat! So today my maid is the hero for the day! PHEWWWWWWWWWWWWWW…….


11 responses to “WHERE’S MY PASSPORT???

  1. Oi..!! Laundryamah, Your passport expired ledi lah! Wakakakaka..

  2. Worse case that can happen — wanno fly off and forgot passport/cannot find passport…

    Aiyo – thank goodness le…

  3. Wah lucky U ler found the passport!! enjoy ur trip to Milan ya!! Dun forget to take take more more pictures ya!!

  4. Oi!So “tai tow har” lei..passport also can misplace oh..heehee!Have a good trip to Milan!

  5. Julianhttp://www.julianmorin.com/blog

    Wah maid knows exactly where the passport is huh?

    Anyway, have a nice trip!

  6. Aiyo..Amah another ‘sut wen yue’..have a good trip.

  7. ace-no lar not expired yet…

    milkmaid-i know…i was so scared leh..

    wenn-will try to take loads of pics!

    annie,julian&rachel-thanks! but still bloggin!

  8. Oh, Amah, this time Milan trip sure must buy something for your MAID lol!

  9. Tskk..tsk….you are forever on a holiday somewhere…how lucky!! So jealous…….
    Bring home some goodies…
    and for goodness sake keep your maid’s passport somewhere safe! Remember she has dugged in……

  10. Remember to put it back in the safe after your trip “big head prawn”. 🙂

  11. Allyfeel-Hey thanks for reminding me..going to do it now!

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