Eh come here the browser automatically everything in ITALIAN one…aiya…thank God I blog all the time I kinda memorised which button is for what ledi! hahaha…

Ok, flight out of KL delayed due to engine problems. We were quite worried and I thought that it better be delayed rather than have any problems while we are up in the air! They managed to fix the problem in about an hour’s time. It was a weird hour as I flew Emirates, the flight which came from Indonesia. Yes the plane was full of Indonesian maids enroute to the Middle East. And I have to be so suey to sit next to one! She slept the whole journey as the seat next to her was empty. Her shoes kept knocking on me and I had to shove them away a few times! $%^& biatch!

I hardly slept during the flight, just caught naps here and there. Due to the delay, my transit time at Dubai was very short. Oh forgot to mention that there was an American guy who chatted me up during checking in time. He took opportunity to talk to me on the sky train, the waiting lounge but I was not interested of course so I guess he got the signal gua…He caught up with me in Dubai again but I left quickly as it was time for me to board for transit anyway..hahaha…That’s the thing when I travel alone…can be vulnerable…beware LaundryApah!!


16 responses to “MILAN!!!

  1. Wau, u sudah sampai di Milan ar? And oredi blogging. Really ‘fuk jor lei lor’. The whole plane smelt of Indonesian sweat or not? Hahahahaha.

    Wah, still got ‘kwai lou’ who wants to get acquianted with u? Shows dat u still got ‘mui lik’ (attraction) lor hor? Aiyo, LaundryApah better watch out@

  2. kehkehkeh! apah not sked wan… he sure got way to ‘lamm’ you back wan. ok, take care la…

  3. Waiseh, got Ang Moh wanna tackle you so fast? LaundryApah better put you on a leash 😉

  4. Wow, haha…i wonder Apah can read this post or not? And wondering what Apah’s action? Call you immediately?
    Haha…enjoy your trip!


    wahh..kena chatted up? leng lui..Ffeuuuweeett!!!!!*

    *ah beng whistle.

  6. wa liow… really fook chor lei lor… in Milan also blogging..cialat. Put my two handbags on my blog liow.

  7. Enjoy your trip and have fun.

  8. phew weet.. ang moh wor… hehe… laundryapah scared liao mar?? hehehehehehe

    auto change to italian?? haha… must be a sight… lucky u know which button, else we mar won’t hear from u? 😀

  9. Wow….the angmoh handsome or not? Milan has more of them 😀 Is LaundryApah on his way there now to keep an eye??? Enjoy your Milan adventure!

  10. Wah laundryamah U sure miss ur blog hor go so far far also wanna blog ka! U sked U forget everything U quickly hv to write it down ah??? Hv loads of fun la and take take loads of pics ya!!

  11. next time sit first class lor.. no need to tussle with fellow passengers. 🙂

  12. Wah, amah u so keng one. Still got bees and flies hang around u ??? WoW!

  13. in Milan ledi ar? got hansem italian try to chat u up?
    have a great time.

  14. Wooo – Bon Jour….so fast got people “kau” you oredi….Har har har…. Hey, enjoy your trip yah !! Can you eat some gelati on my behalf….I sure miss it !!!

  15. Yeah, let laundryapah know you still got charm one okay..:P

    Wow..MILAN!!! Enjoy your trip, take lots of photos to show us k? Take care!! 🙂

  16. HI ALL!!! I’m back! Thanks for all well wishers! Yes I survived and enjoyed the attention I got since I was the only gal…hahahah..

    tracy,nomadic,wenn-me gila blogging la..

    oscarmom,immom,huisia,mott,shannon,chumsy,ally&blurblur-the attention i got was great! it’s been some time since being a single ma..hahaha..

    ace-i sure had fun but there were times i was alone n dat’s when i felt so homesick..

    milkmaid-tried the gelato once..very sweet ler…

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