Milan Part 2


View from the plane on the way to Milan

Got my bag quite fast. Strange setting of the airport that I didn’t get to shop around Duty Free at Malpensa Airport (Will tell you later why cos at the time I wrote this I didn’t know why but now I know). I don’t remember the airport as such from the last time I was here 5 years ago…They do not allow any liquids or creams on transit flights..I was like huh? Sharp objects I can understand la, but liquids like water oso cannot! Apamaciam? Scared of chemical bomb is it??

So once I came out, I saw the booth for shuttle buses to the city. There were no specific buses to hotels so I took the shuttle bus to Central Station costing Euro 5.00. Quite a good deal. According to the girl at the desk, the bus was a better choice than the train. (Will tell you why later also!!)

Upon arrival at the station, there were no tourist assistance and I have no idea where was Ibis Hotel, which I booked last minute. Asked the bus driver, he told me it was walking distance, like go straight and turn vague..I dare not walk lor..what if I walk on and on and can’t find it! Asked another person but he couldn’t tell me where it was. Finally I took a cab and sure enough the bus driver was right..but me not sure ma..anyway the cab cost Euro 5.00 (5 minute ride only versus 1 hour ride in the bus)

As expected the hotel was kinda crappy but ok la..very basic and small. The door didn’t close properly and they sent one young technician to fix it. I could hear him tsk tsk a few times, obviously he couldn’t fix the problem and had to call the more senior technician. Finally they fixed it.
Quickly showered after that and ventured out to the Duomo where the Piazza Duomo is.

Wow, it was quite a sight as I walked out of the Metro subway station. It was so beautiful but unfortunately the front part of the Cathedral was being refurbished. Sorry la, me photography skills so bad..that’s about all I got!

Right next to the Duomo Piazza, was the Gallaria Vittorio Emanuele II where all my FAVE shops are….it was sooooo beautiful! I was like was like Queen Victoria Building in Sydney but many many times more beautiful! See the McDonalds in there? It’s called McCafe! hahaha..

My aim was to buy my LV bag today but after looking through the various models the sales guy (very cute guy summore!)showed me, I was like blur blur liddat! Ayo..can’t decide la! Thank goodness it’s not the right season to shop as it’s fall/winter stuff in all the shops.

But there’s still something to buy from Zara! It was like 3 floors, separate from Zara men (I think also 2 – 3 floors on its own) and one floor for bambino (children) clothes.

Oh forgot to mention that people here like to smoke so much, it’s like everywhere, requested for non smoking room so sort of expected the whole floor is like smoke free la but but but…as I type this also I can smell smoke! The windows are shut ok…but still can smell! YUCKS!

Tried the Italian gelati ice cream, it was very yummy but a tad too sweet. Then I asked a polizia senore (policeman) for the directions to a supermarket to buy my water and breakfast. Everything is written in Italian so I had to like guess la..Most of the mineral water are frizzy so I had to search high and low for a Naturale…and when I opened and had my first mouthful..damn! It was frizzy too! Shiaks! More to come…..


17 responses to “Milan Part 2

  1. looks good.

  2. please continue fast fast!

  3. wah nice ler!! I also wan to go meet the handsome sales guy in LV!!!

  4. fast fast …amah dun take too much time to write part 2 neh

  5. wah!! those buildings looked very beautiful.!

  6. WMD: Wife, Mother, Daughter

    Nice pic. I found Milan to be rather different from the other Italian cities. Ppl really do dress up. are right about the still mineral water… hard to find and more expensive too.

  7. Julian

    Wah, enjoy ah… 🙂

  8. So,what have you bought from LV?

  9. so so, did you end up getting ur LV?? show us show us….
    and yeah, as sasha say, fast fast post next part…. 😀

    p/s: i love the building structures…. PRETTY!!!!!!!

  10. Eh, Laundryamah u are now still at Milan or already back??

  11. john & sasha-one by one too much very sienz one..

    wenn-i know…the men very handsome neh…

    aceone&shannon-the buildings only look nice on pics but on the outside very dirty neh,,too much pigeon shit! hahaa

    wmd-yah they r quite fashionable, all carrying branded bags, mainly LV tho! strange!

    julian-ok la…

    huisia-LV bag post later..hehehe..

  12. desperatemum-me back ledi,,solly i wrote that post when i was still in milan,,hahaha


    wah..very excites la your post! Faster write part 2 la!

  14. quick, quick, show your loot.

  15. angeleyes

    aiyoh…why this Duomo still doing face lifting ah??? Like beh liao beh lioa like that. When we were there last April also sama so diff to take nice shots. Aiyoh, we love the gelato lor… we ate a lot even I was like throwing up like nobody bisness coz was carrying Darrius in my tummy!

  16. wah LV and ladies go along well!

    becareful of pickpockets.

  17. didnt go into your blog for one week and got so so much to read….mamamia!! Italian guys velly hansome one…when I was in Italy for honeymoon – I was drooling over them when I am suppose to drool over my new lou kong ~ harharhar

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