Milan Part 3

Milan Day II

Went to Piazza Duomo again was there’s a Tourist Information Centre there. Was looking on the map and trying to identify the place but I couldn’t! The downside of this place is it’s so unfriendly to tourists. The ATM Subway is so vague and confusing as directions are not clear.

Uscita means Exit and the first day I thought it was a name of a station or a particular subway line! Why can’t they label it in green which is internationally recognised as an exit sign leh?? “mang chang”..

I walked towards the Duomo Catherdral. It was beautiful and the photos I took do not do the place justice! Lousy photographer la..Anyway, spent some time admiring the intricate architecture and beauty of the place and went out. Asked the guards where the tourist info centre was and he pointed just right next to the piazza. I was like, duh! How did I miss it? Cos every damn thing was in Italian and there were no symbols indicating “I” for information also! See la the photo below, name of the tourist information centre in Italian!

Anyway, asked about the tourist attractions here and it was a big map which indicates museum, museum, art gallery, museum, museum, art gallery and so on and so forth..YAWN…solly me no fan of history and art and on top of that all the places charge entrance fees. Then I asked them for the locations of warehouse outlets and they actually have printed maps of the locations! WOW! The ones that I had with me were still valid to my surprise. However, by that time I had to go back to the hotel to check out and switch to the Marriot which I was originally booked in together with my business associates.

Since I bought the 2-day ticket so I thought of using it to the max. So I dragged my luggage to the nearest station which is the Red Line to avoid changing lines as there would be stairs everywhere! I don’t know what happens to older and handicap users. The moment I arrived at the station, I had to carry up my luggage up 3 flights of stairs! It was supposed to be one flight flight as there was an escalator up to the main road but look at this! Damn suey ok!

First have to carry the bag up two flights of stairs from the platform to the station level and then the escalator up to the road level was kaput! See la..not only the big luggage leh, got hand carry leh…No wonder when I came back I thought my daughter lost weight cos me been carrying heavy load throughout!

9 responses to “Milan Part 3

  1. hehe can loose alot of weight if i go up the staircase liddat ..

  2. Julian

    Really big bag hor… heheheh 🙂

  3. good exercise lei..hehe

  4. aiyor.. really celaka la… carry heavy bags and escalato koyak pulak… nvm, rest kau kau chun chun now!


    Fooooyoooo!!! Lucky the weather nice nice, not humid like here. I think it’s a nice workout, eh? But, so suey your luck…three flights!!

  6. Pay the bell boy to carry for you la!!

  7. sasha-haha..u think la, the food so fattening…mega cheese, pasta & meat!!

    julian-big bag cos bulky stuff ma…winter leh..

    annieq-not good leh cos not in proper attire! hahahaha..

    oscarmom-rest??? what’s dat?

    mott-ya man..suey! Old subways liddis one lor!

    aceone-pay bellboy? then i must as well take taxi! eh Europe la!

  8. kena one time in London underground too – almost pengsan climbing up the stairs.

  9. Eh Eh — I am laffing at my workstation here cause I am trying to imagine you taking a photo of the BIG BAG (hardcover some more)in front of the steps…

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