Milan Part 4

Milan Day 3

As usual, morning starts with breakfast with the guys and I couldn’t believe how horrible they are when they are not working. They were actually oggling, like “lau hau sui” asking each other to watch her bust, (oops sorry cannot do the strikeout of that word la!) butt at a hot lady right in front of her hubby! I mean, “em sai kua”…but I know they were just doing it for fun la..but like so obvious, so embarassing leh! Then I told them, they must be so deprived! But still didn’t work! Cheh!

Then after breakfast, it’s straight to the exhibition. By mid afternoon, me already bored to tearing begged one of the guys to go out to the city with me. Yes, the boss approved and yeah..on the way to get my… slurrpsss…oops excuse me while I wipe my mouth…my my…ta.da..
I have been surfing on the net on which one to buy for quite some time and yet when I reached the shop, I still had to like look here, look there…admire ma.. cannot ah? Ok la, me had a budget, so must stick to that particular one, which is the Horizontal Lockit, it’s an amazing bag, i can carry loads of stuff in it, including my laptop! Cool leh..actually I’m not exactly a fan of the monogram but since I don’t have one and this design is very practical and fits my purpose and budget, ok la! I was checking the bag for flaws, and saw some scratches on the bottom leather part. So the sales guy asked me to look downstairs, but the one downstairs was like lagi worse! Ayo, pay so much why liddat one la…so no choice had to get the one upstairs..When I decided, to pay, there was already a queue at the cashier! Eh, LV la sini, but still the business is like wah maciam MetroJaya leh!

While waiting, I noticed 2 Chinese ladies in front of me and I saw one of them tried to give the sales girl some tips! Wah, sai em sai ah…then me as usual so “8” asked her why, she said the service very good..I was like “Yah rite!” Then she whispered to me that she is dealing with “swimming” LV bags..(yau sui for la) but she didn’t bother to take the VAT claim form! How on earth is she making $$ to pay for her airticket/accomodation/food in this expensive city leh? She must like buy a lot la! Ya I saw both of them packing their loot in a big big bag after throwing away the paper bags! No wonder she had to pay the tips cos LV only allows one bag per passport in the whole of Europe, so no matter where you go around Europe in one single trip, as long as you don’t exit any part of Europe, you are only entitled ONE bag. Damn, got money also cannot buy due to this “swimming goods” dealers! And more drama at the airport also due to this matter also!! So stay tuned!!!


19 responses to “Milan Part 4

  1. Wah lau eh! U are really ‘siao’ over the LV bags? But no choice if u are really really very very much ‘in love’ with something, mati mati pun mesti go and get hor?

  2. Aiyo Amah can oni buy one meh?? I am LV fan la but then I din know tat not allow to buy so many wor!! Damn sumore say wan to go to PAris to get becoz it is cheaper there!!

  3. Julian

    wah so strict one this elll veeee whole of europe can only buy one per passport.

  4. Wah..nice bag wor..whats the damage?

  5. ah mah is wrong la, you can normally buy 1 bag and 2 small leather goods in each country, not 1 bag in whole of Europe. Don’t know how the 2 chinese ladies can get away with the bags, may run into trouble with the custom….moeny should solve the problem but then how on earth to make money with no VAT refund, fat tips here and there….

  6. Hey! Amah, nice bag lei!!

  7. so pahpai wan ah el vi? got money oso kenot buy more than one piece.

  8. Wah, so nice lar ur bag LaundryAmah. Very jealous lar 🙂


    warr..why ah they hv a rule ah? sorry..i very swa-koo..

  10. I’ve heard about the 1 bag per passport… but didn’t know these soi-foh ppl so geng.. haha…
    Oh, the bag sounds practical wor, laptop also can masuk? doesn’t look like it, but must be damn useful… How much did u pay for it????

  11. tracy-yes mati mati oso must get one LV

    wen-can buy 1 bag but small leather goods can buy la more than one

    julian-got to la cos ppl take advantage and resell..

    aceone & shannon-damage just below RM3k, siong lor…

    john-ya ya..i knew dat, thanks for informing anyways..hahahaha


    nyonya-dat’s what i thot but then they do this to prevent reselling..but it’s still happening now


    mott-as sed above, prevent reselling…

  12. finally the picture of the main actress …the LV bag hahaha

  13. Amah, i’m drooling here LOL! Haha…sure you know why la..

    Your laptop very small in size kah?

  14. sasha-haha…yes yes!

    huisia-no lar..the bag is big!!

  15. wow only 1 bag per one Europe!!! that’s first time I hear…aiyo those 2 woman, if want the swimming goods, better get from china rite kekeke

  16. Bagged yourself an LV.. lucky girl!

    I’d always been interested, but somehow, cannot part with the money.

  17. LV is in my X’mas wish list but like ZMM, heart pain wanna spend so much $$$ on one bag. Lucky you!

  18. One time my friend was in Paris and she was turned down to purchasing an LV cause the saleslady saw her taking money from another friend to buy on her behalf. In Paris, they only allow one purchase per person.

  19. Lovely LV! Me like Zara’s mommy. May be next time le me dig some money from my lou kong first. 🙂

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