Mad Day!

Milan Part 5 will have to be put on hold for this. Weyo mad day?? I didn’t realise that Kieran’s holiday 2-week program starts today at his new primary school until LaundryApah called me about 8.30am this morning. We were supposed to be getting Kieran ready for Vacation Bible School (VBS) at the church! (Nov20-22) So have to go to school instead of VBS.

Rushed out as I had to buy his school uniform first but Professor in SS2 is not opened yet! Sei ler…aiya nevermind la..go and register first. Good thing they were selling uniforms in the school so fast fast buy one pair first. Made him take out his clothes there and then to change which he was not too pleased! hahahaha..

Then searched for his classroom, scaned thru the lists on the board without looking properly (cos the lists have indicated the classroom which he has already been allocated earlier during the registration) so..panic la..missed out his name but then I realised the class ID and found his name..phew! Quickly rushed him to the class and apologised to the teacher. Immediately teacher said, “RM14 please for this..” It was a folder containing the books for this 2 weeks! Btw, these 2 weeks cost RM80. $$$$…no difference from private school!

Then went to get his school books, must as well since I was there. Of course there’s a long queue…Total costs of books RM132.70 and sports t-shirt RM7.50 but I forgot to buy his pants! Later la. Drove out to Professor again, and guess how much the uniform costs nowadays?? Unbelievable……RM28+ for the shorts and RM25+ for the shirt!

Got to know 2 mothers while waiting for Kieran and then saw my old classmate from Secondary school, her daughter in the same class as Kieran! What a small small world…

Look at him in his uniform….ayooooo I really cannot believe it la..time flies!! He said class was fun eventhough half the time he didn’t understand the teacher! He kept saying, he was good and didn’t get the cane! hahahahaa…(cos me scared him ma..Chinese school teacher will cane him when he’s not good!)

Tomorrow got to miss class cos VBS is taking them to Aquaria la…so told the teacher and she’s ok with it..phew…..


17 responses to “Mad Day!

  1. aiyoh, poor mommy running like a headless chicken. excited hor, son going to primary one ledi.

  2. sure got idea wan when rush here rush there.!!

  3. come next year, my turn to rush here rush there. but i most prolly leave the drive here drive there to hubby lerrr. my excuse will be, “buy me a car first, then we’ll talk”, lol. i’m so dying to see Gordon in uniform too.

  4. wahh kieran looks such a big boy in the uniform…

    gosh, so expensive eh the uniforms!! I still remember my mom used to sew school uniform for me till i’m secondary school!!

  5. Hi,Laundryamah which chinese school is Kieran register? Is it the one at SS2? My colleague also have the same problem as u. Her son is register at the chinese school in SS2.

  6. Aiyo..big prawn head mummy..always rush here n there.haha.Kieran look like a big boy now with his uniform on..cute! 🙂

  7. Wow,time really flies and now he is going to primary school.

    Nowadays everything is talked about $$$, no money no talk LOL!

  8. wah!! he does look the part of a big boy leh…. 😀
    and SO EXPENSIVE? SIGH… all money hoh??? but but, how come i tot it’s school holiday now? *puzzled*


    Wahh..”tai kor chai zhor la”!!!!

    why so expense one the 2 weeks? *faints*…schoolbooks also so expense…*faints*

  10. aiyo.. Standard 1 liao?? How come must buy uniform from Professor one? Kamdar cannot meh?

  11. OMG! Is this the Kieran I knew 5 yrs ago… still in diaper wan? Oh boy, he really looks handsome and very ‘tai kor chai’… hehe…

  12. nyonya-ya lor..mommy 1st time ma..

    ace-mommy memand liddat la!rush specialist!

    samm-dun end up like me, rush is no fun..hahaha..

    jazz-u were so blessed, my mom couldn’t even sew my school badge for me!

    desmom-yup yup..

    annie-i’m major big prawn head la!

    huisia-yah dat’s y some ppl said y dun go to private school?? but i dun like…

    shannon-chinese school ma, kiasu la..

    mott-yah man!

    zaramama-hahaha i used to wear it’s like kinda funny lor and it’s the best in town in terms of quality!

    oscarmom-ya..time flies..

  13. mommy of two angels

    wah your baby all grown up already!

  14. Kieran looks so smart. He must be looking forward to school and new friends. Wow….starting school is so expensive. Everything is $$$$. By the time Ashley goes to school, things will cost double.

  15. Kieran looks so leang jai… lol

    Nowadays, parents are really stress. School days stress… school holidays, lagi stress.

    Reading your post, really bring back memories of my boy when he was schooling. lol

    Oops, not memories.. nightmare!!

  16. Eh? Not school holiday now meh? Oso got class one ah? Hmmm…Imagine now RM25 plus, how much will uniforms costs when my Aiden grows up?

    Kieran looks so big, more like 7 or 8 yrs old la

  17. Gosh… time really flies… I don’t get to see my little one in this uniform….so didn’t realise that it is time for Std. One.

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