Milan Part 5

After shopping for my bag we rushed back to the hotel as my principal had a cocktail party. I promised the guys that I will be wearing my leather pants..growlll…one of the guys said I was Amah the tiger…growlllll…hahahaha.. (Sorry no picture…hehe)

Anyway, the cocktail party was a bore and my legs were killing me. Oops forgot to take a photo of my new boots, they are definitely for show only and cannot wear one! So after eating (actually nothing much to eat, cocktail ma..) so fast fast went up to my room to rest! Firstly soaked my poor feet in very hot water….ahhhhhhhhhhhh….Quite a cosy room but too costly for its standard!

The next day halfway thru the exhibition, I decided to go out to check out the outlet stores. I remembered that the shops close mid afternoon, so I really ran! But damn, the nearest station (Lotto Fiera)from the hall was like almost 30 minutes walk! Cilaka! When I came out from the other station (Porta Venezia) where the outlet was, I was like so lost. All the road signs do not correspond with the map! Double cilaka! Anyway, took me another 30 minutes to find that miserable outlet and it was a let down as the clothes were mainly winter clothes and there were so few selection of shoes, mainly Prada only and were still very expensive. This place was called Venistock.

Then I went to the other outlets Salvagente & Affari and the station name was Dateo, blue line. The station was like so deaded, like nobody ok, the ticket vending machine was out of order and there were no one selling tickets too. Otoke? Dap ba wong che la! (Ride without buying ticket) It was one station away from Porta Venezia but it was a different train altogether, quite scary so empty…

Took me quite some time to find the place and when I reached it was closed for the afternoon siesta break. Waited…waited…it was supposed to reopen at 3pm but past 3 pm it was still closed! I gave up, so I took the bus to the next Metro Station and went back to the exhibition hall empty handed..blechhh…

Dinner was with my principal and he took us on a long walk to this really pink restaurant. everything inside was pink!! (check out the pepper mill!) The pizza was yummmmmieeeee…& very big for a single serve! There were about 6 different races & nationalities amongst the people we had dinner and some were speaking French, German etc so me and my associate started speaking in Bahasa Malaysia to tick them off!

More to come…ayo why so long winded…too many days la!


13 responses to “Milan Part 5

  1. wa….seems you have been busy taking photos in Milan… Pui Fook. Pui Fook…

  2. Why that station like no body wan? Got ghost ar?

  3. Aiyo, all the walking and running, but end up empty handed? *slap forehead*

    And yes, now I’m getting hungry looking at your pizza…. aiyo…. Looks nice leh…. *slurps*

  4. mommy of two angels

    aiyoo…walked so much …ur feet must be screaming!!

    the pizza looks yummy!

    why never take all the lang chai italians pic?


    AIYO!!! The pepper grinder aso PINK????!!!

  6. evrything in pink, how come wallpaper not in pink.

  7. eh – you not scared ah going into a lonely metro station? Me sure run fast fast one.

  8. I wonder how’s your look when you’re wearing your leather pants, alah, you should post the photo ma…

  9. that one lokked like folded roti canai with filling. what’s that actually?

  10. Angeleyes

    aiyoh…poor amah run-run like Forrest Gump but still can’t buy a thing… In LA also same case… all winter clothing so I only ended with a pair of Levi’s and long sleeves shirt…

    One thing about Itali or Europe in general is… there’s no English signages, food sucks and they closes so early!!!! Damn ‘mo-yan’!

  11. wahh..what’s that last pic there..huge kari-pap italian version isit 😛

  12. nomadmom-ya lar..alone wat quite boring oso take photos la so can blog wat!

    aceone&milkmaid-it was Sunday quiet tell u the truth, I was dem sked one..but have to take the train choice!

    shannon-ya lor..walk so much with no purchase..cheh! Pizza was yummy but too saltish!

    2angels-shy ma (blinking)..dare not take leng chai photo la..

    mott&samm-yup everything in pink, the wallpaper had pink flowers!!

    huisia-when wearing the leather pants?? HOT la! hahahaha…i wear to hong kong then u can see la!

    nyonya&jazz-the folded thingy is actually a tupe of pizza with eggs and cheese inside, when u cut it open the egg and cheese sort of flows out one,,,damn yummy ok!

    angeleyes-ya lor…but then so many tourists go..”roll eyes!”

  13. why your work trip like shopping trip one?

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