Weekend Escapade

The trip along the way was smooth but Kylie was a riot as usual. She refused to remain in her seat and was wailing away! You can see the sequence from the photo slide! She kept escaping each time we strap her in despite daddy tightening the belt! At the end I gave up and let her go loose! She knew we were going somewhere and was really excited along the way so she refused to sleep!

The moment we arrived at the resort, it started pouring cows & elephants! I’m serious the rain was so heavy that it came into the lobby of the resort! We couldn’t go into our rooms as they were the water chalets!

But I really coudn’t tahan hanging around with one hyper active girl so I asked Daddy to check out the exact location of the chalet. He ventured off and came back saying the path was flooded and his shoes were wet. Then I asked him to start putting the stuff we had inside the room first to make it easier to ferry the kids in. Our luggage couldn’t go with us as the rain was still so heavy. Eventually we managed to get in the room and to our horrors it was leaking. Good thing it was not leaking on the bed areas!

The room looks the same as the last time we came. No changes..only older. They really need to do some upgrading. As usual I will check out the sheets and towels (chik yip peng = profession sickness) and found them as usual yucks. They are almost gray in colour! I really don’t understand why these resorts just continue using the rubbish detergent/lousy contractor despite charging so high for their room rates!

As it was flooding LaundryApah walked out barefooted and he stepped into a nail right outside our room! Jialatt or not?? We complained but they didn’t come and remove the protruding nail. So terrible la..The only plus point was the extra bed so it was just perfect for Kieran.

As usual dilly dally we were quite late for dinner. We settled for the buffet dinner at the resort as it we didn’t feel like going out. Kylie was hungry as usual and I quickly prepared her food but after 5 spoonfuls she fell asleep! No afternoon nap mia pasal la! Ayooo..We packed some bread just in case she woke up and yes she did wake up when we reached the room. She started wailing the moment we took her out of the stroller! Started to feed her the bread but she spit it out occasionally! There were bananas from the fruit basket in the room so I fed her the banana. Then she was whiny like unconsoble one…then we realised she was constipating. Her stool was like biji biji (little balls) and very hard! hahhaa..after that she just ran around and refused to sleep! Then only I remembered Sasha said never feed the kid banana before bed time! Too late! She only managed to fall asleep past midnight but both Kieran and myself were snoozing away…as usual poor daddy had to entertain! kakaka..

The next day we went to the beach and then swim in the pool. After that I just lazed in the room till dinner! Dinner was at the hotel again, and it sucked big time! Tried to get the kids to nap but so difficult. Kylie finally fell asleep at about 3 pm only when we placed her inside the stroller, it was like magic! But the magic did not happen that night! So again she was running around!

All in all, the trip was very relaxing besides having to take care of the hyperactive girl, thanks to LaundryApah’s company of course..all expenses paid trip!


18 responses to “Weekend Escapade

  1. mottmott.blogsome.com

    Got time to blog so fast somemore! The pix where Kieren is holding Kylie’s hand..so cute!! Aiyoo..poor Kylie cannot pangsai..very pitiful..i hate that too!!! Hope she better now!

  2. aiyoo..she really hates the carseat ehh…eh she sked of police or not? I always tell faythe, everyone sit in car must put belt, if not police catch..she very good will sit there quietly

  3. Aiyoh so nice and Kieran & Kylie so sweet playing on da beach!! BTW where’s did U went ah amah???

  4. wuarharharhar… you deserve a pat on the back la.. can handle the two kids without the maid! hehe…

  5. mommy of two angels

    i love kylie’s outfit…all matching with hat…so cute…was at the same resort once..the bed was real squeeky! so i end up sleeping w erika on the day bed…while dad slept alone on the king sqeeky bed! wah free trip and relaxing…i love that! but w 2 kids…not so relaxing for u lah…lucky u got L-Apah!

  6. wow! Good holiday oh.But with two kids around,not tired oh..somemore no bring ur maid!If i will u,already pengsan lo!!heehee!That place is Avillion PD?

  7. i like the photos showing how close Kieran and Kylie is… VERY SWEET!!
    Nice posted bed somemore leh…
    but but, aiyoyo…. sure kepala pusing… and and, worse of all, the nail!!! laundryapah’s leg ok mar?? was it bad??? siks…

  8. LaundryAmah, Kylie excatly like my girl. Very very active. Can I know u go where?

  9. Poor Kylie, cry until face red red liddat 🙂 And I sooo love her beach attire.

  10. Oh dear…..Kylie is really pitiful in the car seat. The photos are so funny and sweet too 🙂 Ashley also has some hard stool despite eating fruits every day. Her paed gave her some stool softener and it’s better but still got biji biji in the beginning. Hahahah…Now can laugh but initially worried like crazy. I also have the same opinion as Annie – Avillion in PD?

  11. mott-prepared the contents while I was there ma..i thought i could blog there but there isn’t wireless available at that lauya resort!

    jazz-police scare works for kieran only cos kylie still very ignorant..hahaha…

    wen,DespMom-Avillion P.D. Blueekkkk..not as good as before!

    oscarmom-actually Apah doing all the work la..wuahahaha..

    2angels-ayo squeeky cannot ah-hem la…hahahha..if not sure whole world knows!

    annie-actually not much of a holiday…got this girl of mine really havoc!

    shannon-ya ler the nail was still there the day we left! told them to remove it but they didn’t bother!

    immoms-poor kylie? poor me la! hahahaa….aiya didn’t take the photo of her bikini..lagi terrer!

    momtochums-she usually constipates whenever we travel! dunno y like that!

  12. Aiyo, Kylie so hate the carseat la, see her kept struggling there…poor girl!

  13. Kylie so active then oni can become big girl ma. Kylie bolih!!!!

  14. huisia-ya lor..she very clever one, in front of my mom she acts an angel!

    ace-wah liddat oso can meh…

  15. Ah ah – I recognize the extra bed – Avillion issit? Dat place sudah lose it’s touch. I agree with you, old and needs to be refurbished. Last time we were there, we had the chalet nearer to the beach, and come low tide…Alamak really stinko….

  16. ahmah, you should propose to the hotel ur service ma. 🙂

    Aiyoo..poor girl sobbed so hard. 😛 Kieran do homework in the hotel somemore?

  17. Ohhhhh…..Kieran is so sweet la. Such a good boy. GapKids are really nice eh??? I also love them but very mahal lah.

  18. Ohhhhh…..Kieran is so sweet la. Such a good boy. GapKids are really nice eh??? I also love them but very mahal lah.

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