18 month update on Kylie

Firstly apologies to those trying to leave their comments but blogspot decided to give us beta bloggers another round of headache, the word verification just doesn’t turn up! Solly ah…

Yes Milan Part XX forgot leow..have to be put on hold because “someone borrowed” or rather took my laptop without asking me…so have to wait la!

Took Kylie to the paed yesterday (a long overdue visit but due to my very very busy schedule and paed opening hours..just couldn’t make it) and her cough and cold has become more and more serious..meaning it didn’t get well since the day I left for Milan or was it before??? Yes it was before but my mom took her to the paed the day I was away but after the medication she’s still like coughing coughing and the mucus from her nose was like green green liddat leh! Yucks!

The paed said she was wheezing, not good at all and had to start her on a round of antibiotics and also the puff! Ayo…and of course the bill came up to a whopper but thank God that is claimable from Apah’s company. But the bill is not important…it’s Kylie’s wellbeing. Ayo don’t tell me she has weak lungs like her ko ko..sked la. She’s not very cooperative when it comes to medicines. The puff thingy was difficult too cos she doesn’t understand when we tell her to breathe in and out..double ayo..

Anyway, here are some positive updates:

Weight – Kinda up and down from 9.8 kg to 10kg to 9.8kg now..eat so much no change due to her hyperactiveness I guess!

Height-78.2cm..warao the growth like 2 cm nya from July leh! So little wan….sob sob..

Emotions and Character

A politician even before she can talk! Knows how to ambil hati of the right person at the right moment! Especially me and my mom. That day I was so angry with her I was about to whack whack her leow and then u know what she did?????? She put up the cutest look, sat on my lap and rested her head on my shoulder and looked up with a pout and blinked blinked liddat! Wah…me melted of course la!!!!


She still cannot talk, only the same words, like mum-mum (eat), nen-nen(milk) etc..only latest word was Ah Poh, only because the maid was repeating that word non-stop with her! The maid oso very clever trying to buy Ah Poh’s heart huh….

Since she can’t talk I have taught her to point to things la..and she can do it quite well, the latest one was tummy and head.

Remember she used to do the lion roar..hahaha…she does that to other animals too! Only monkey is different!

No matter how naughty she can get…I still love her to pieces….and cannot stop kissing her! Muaks my lil darling!!!!!!!!!!!


13 responses to “18 month update on Kylie

  1. mommy of two angels

    wah so bias one L-amah…no luurve for your boy ah? hehehe

  2. Happy 1 1/2 yrs liao to Kylie..

    Hey, you can try teaching her to sign, so that she can express herself since their hands muscle tends to develop faster than their tongue muscle (for speaking).

    I did that with Zara, so before she could say the word, she was signing to me. And now even with her talking, she still does the occasional signing

  3. Happy 18 months to Kylie.Amah,hv u bring her for 18 months old jab ah?

  4. Kylie cough cough kenot get well I rekoment Dr Lim Meng Kang from Gleneagles Jln Ampang. Sure ‘kau tim’ wan though bit expensive. Err..but alot of people wan ler!!

  5. Hope she’s feeling much better and recovering from the cough….

    aiyo, somemore blink blink? if me also melt habis…. Kylie 1, amah 0


  6. mottmott.blogsome.com

    Such a cutie…! My No.2 also same weight! Hee hee..i thot he was underweight! So..*phew*!

    They all so clever in dramatic acting one….I really wonder where they pick up this skill from! 😉

  7. wow…so tehhhhh…i think girls all like tat haha

  8. FYI, everytime I see Kylie’s pix, she just reminds me sooo much of my girl, dunno why.

  9. 2angels-me bias memang one..but still love boy too la..just more to girl only kakakaka

    zaramama-Thks for the tip. I’ve been trying to teach her to point to objects and also to sign for please, which is turn the palm up..what else ah….

    annie-she sick sick ma..so jab got to be onhold first

    aceone-how come u know that lauya auta DrLMK? I dun like that guy cos he was Kieran’s paed when he was born! Bluekkk to him cos he didn’t diagnose Kieran with the torticollis problem!

    Shannon-memang Amah always lose one..

    Mott-hahaha..we mothers always worry about kids being underweight..

    jazz-ya lor..sei mo…

    immoms-haha..i guess they are kinda alike in so many ways

  10. Happy 18 months to Kylie!
    My Jo also cough non-stop, and also has the greenish mucus. I tried the chinese and western medicine, still same..pengsan!

  11. huisia-ayo..same same…

  12. AMah: Wat kind of cough is tat? Just flammy cough issit??? Or is it “cheh ha”?? when I was small I had tat too and it took me a long long time to get better!! And then in Ipoh there is this doc gip the medicine wah liao take oredi terus no problem no as big as nothin lor!!

  13. Angeleyeshttp://ramblingmoo.wordpress.com/

    woooo…Amah so yuk-mah ler…
    Happy 18-mth to Kylie… muakz-muakz from Aunty Alice & Darrius didi 😛

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