More Discoveries

Today I went to return the RM1.00 to the boy and I was surprised this boy was not as bad as the previous one, in fact we had to prompt him in order to say yes that he gave Kieran the RM1.00. I did take notice of the boy who accused Kieran of stealing his money (20sen and I returned RM1.00 to him!), he as usual got excited and kept pointing his finger at Kieran. I really felt bad that this has to happen to my boy, but he has to learn.

After that I sent my car for service and while waiting for the mechanic I saw a friend waiting there too. We started talking about kids and schools and then I related my story to her. Her daughter used to study at the same school as Kieran when she was in Std.1 and she told me her daughter’s (X) story was more bizarre! Her daughter’s friend (Y) used to offer X food whenever she buys from the canteen. My friend also didn’t give money to X. X innocently thinking that the friend indeed was being nice in offering the food/drink, she took it gladly unassumingly.

Then one day when my friend went to the school to collect X’s report card, Y came up to her with a book of recordings of the times when she offered X food/drinks.

Y-Aunty, X owes me RM40.00

Xmom-What? How is that possible??

Y-Well I’ve been buying food and each time I gave X, it’s recorded and now she owes me RM40.00!!

Xmom-Ok, I will return the money to you but RM1.00 per day and you are to sign in acknowledgement too.

My friend said she gave a good whacking to her daughter and made her return the RM1.00 each day as a reminder to never ever take any offers from anyone anymore.

Can you believe this actually happened? I was speechless ok! I mean, X & Y were only 7 years old when that happened ok! So later I will warn Kieran not to take anything from anyone, mana tahu (you never know) one kid come up with one buku 555 (tiny notebook) and claim dunno how much from me!


19 responses to “More Discoveries

  1. wow!Now all the kids so smart oh..Not like us last time dont know anything!

  2. mommy of two angels

    wah..future accountants and actuaries! so terror lah! can keep books some more!

  3. that kid actually keep track of how much the other fler was taking from that person…kids..what did we feed them with until they’re so smart

  4. Wah..these kids learned very fast most probably in TV shows. In skool they trade with food when big ledi they can be big time Ah Long!!

  5. Wow, really amazing la kids these days. Very “sai kai” kids. Wonder what they will become when they grow up (shake head).


    OMG!!! How did kids get so sneaky so young?????? where has all the innocence gone?????

    *scratch head*

    Eh..what school is this ah???

  7. holy cowwww…7yr old sudah buku 555!!! I wonder how the parents thought the kid…

  8. I want to laugh out loudlah…that little girl must have an Ah Long father! And the buku 555, so hilarious.

  9. FUIYOH!!! I am speechless…. SERIOUS?! this is talking about std 1 kids!!!!! Where were the days when std 1 so naive dunno the value of money and all about play play play?
    eh, if a fwen offer me food also i will share lar… this is too much…
    SCARY leh….

  10. Angeleyes

    wah…I can’t believe this!!! 7 already know all these so by the time she’s 17…. aiyo-yo…

  11. This is Gen ZZ ar? During my days where got like dis one? Really scary and I am now wondering how I am gonna manage when my son grows up liao.

  12. nOwadays money comes first, friendship comes later ya?

  13. WMD: Wife, Mother, Daughter

    Wow kids today so “keng chou”. I think we are really ketinggalan when comes to their antics. Aiyo how to keep up with their sophistication.

  14. Wow..the kid so smart le, or maybe i should call the kid so cunning?

  15. Dear All, I really doubt if it’s the kid who thought of that, maybe the parent taught her la!

  16. Little Ah Loong with buku 555, wonder where she pick it from? Scary world, next time I really have to pay attention to what my children do in school especially asking them whether they took any free food or things.

  17. Wah that (Y) girl veri clever ah got 555 to log down everything ah??? Nowadays kids are getting cleverer and cleverer!! Wonder where they all got it from???

  18. michelle-hi there. can’t get into your profile…was wondering what is your blog address. thanks for dropping a line!

    wen- as i said could be her parents!

  19. Whao! shocking to hear this. Sometimes I wonder where do kids like Y pick up that kind of stuff. I think parents really have lotsa influence towards it.

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