Milan Part 6!!

Well the last day at the show was a day I spent talking to suppliers as they were so busy entertaining visitors over the weekend. After that was just final rounding of the exhibitors to see if I missed out on anything interesting. Finally one by one of my associates began leaving for the airport. As I couldn’t get a flight out, I had to stay another night. Thank God there were a few more guys staying another night too!

Well, we helped clean up and packed up the booth. It was really a fun time as the German guy kept teasing the Panamanian guy (who happens to be only 20 years old!). The German said something which made me laugh till I teared! It was so funny because of his expression oso la. Well Panama guy was having problems with the packing and German said this, “Here’s 1000 watts (pointing at the arm) but no light! (pointing to the head)” kakakakaka… farnieeee..

We went out to wait for the bus as usual but it didn’t turn up! Then I realised could it be due to what happened in the morning? Well, that morning, the German walked up the bus with dog poo under his shoes! So maybe the bus driver marah leow and punished us! Liddat oso can meh?? No guess only but didn’t find out why the bus didn’t turn up lor. What to do, went back by cab.

We met again for dinner later together with the American & Canadian. Again, the people were from various contries. It was so funny cos we met at the bar first and we saw this bald guy and from his back he looked exactly like the England rep! It was hilarious and they made me take a photo of that guy (since I had been snapping photos all the time). Good thing that guy didn’t find out ok! Then we took off to dinner at a restaurant recommended by the bar owner.

Look how sneaky they were, after the 1st pix, they said to take again just in case and they wanted to kiss me! Thank God I bended down if not sure kena the face! much shorter than them ma…

When we reached there, the bald guy was there too! OMG! What a coincidence! Dinner was great, and the Italian and German kept bullying me by poking me with toothpicks and of course I screamed la! Wah the more I screamed the more they poked! So embarassing ok! I guess it’s because I was the rose among the torns!

Then I had to go to the toilet and to my horror, I saw a squatting toilet! I was like, huh?? I thought squatting toilets only exist in 3rd world country only leh! That was like maybe an antique restaurant! However, the food was simply amazing! It was so yummy and the guys forced me to drink wine! Thank God I didn’t fall asleep cos wine always make me very sleepy!

The top left is the platter of entrees! I thought we were done after that amount we gobbled down but I was told it was only entree!! The white puffy thingy is like the “ham chim peng” (fried dough) we have here only yummier!!! The yellow thingy was the risotto in cheese which I found it a bit too rich but still yummy. The main dish was the platter of mixed boiled meat which looks kinda unappetising when I first saw it but it was like the yummiest!!!! Finally I had the famous Italian dessert, tiramisu but I was not impressed cos I thought the one I made was kinda similar! hahahaa..

Stay tuned for the final episode of Milan which was at the airport!!


14 responses to “Milan Part 6!!

  1. good picture

  2. Wah Amah…. U sure hv a good time ah with so many “ang mo” around U!! Lucky they din swallow U up ah, sumore poke U with toothpick wor!! U scream scream make them hard hard la of course poke lagi ler!!LOL

  3. wah…Amah soooo happening siah! Poking here and there… make sure boh poked in the wrong place!!!! whahahaha

  4. Amah, got vacancy in your company ah? Look at how much fun u r having, already jeleslah 😛


    Wahh…. Amah..very flirty ah in Milan..Apah know or not? hee hee

  6. Wahlou eh, so “hung fook” la, you seem so precious to them. hahaha!!!

  7. wow wow wow!Apah no jealous oh,after seeing the photo..heehee

  8. OMG..i wish i can taste those foods here..

    Hehe, fortunately they were not able to kiss you la, if not sure apah marah lol!

  9. Wah….Amah, you look so gorgeous la. How come different from the photo you have on the right side of your blog??? Apah must guard jealously now 😀

  10. wen-those dirty old ang mohs really very hum sup one! hahaha…but of course amah can handle them one!

    angeleyes-hahaha..cannot poke wrong place one cos amah very clever one..

    immom-ayo u didn’t see the reality in our work la…sure lari kuat kuat one!

    momtochums-thanks! LOL the photo on the profile blog was taken in the zoo with the to look gorgeous leh??

    huisia-yalor the food really yummy..missing the food really..

    annie-apah made noise a bit la..kakaka

    mott-well we got to flirt a bit la! muahahaha…

    allyfeel-one girl to 5 deprived men..u think how?? LOL

  11. The food there cheap anot ar?

  12. ace-ayo in everything in Euro where got cheap wan…everything expensive la! good thing all paid so I just eat la!

  13. Hey, next time food shot closer can or not?

    So hard to see the hum-chim-peng thingy..

    What a wonderful trip huh? Shopped until song song, ate until song song, laughed until song song.

  14. zaramama-sorry not good photographer leh..hahaha..must try to do a better job..LOL

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