Kieran’s Bday Party

LaundryApah said this year will be the last birthday party for Kieran. But then again.. I love birthday parties! See how it goes…

This year I chose the church as we had a charity bazaar the same day I planned to hold his party and I thought it would be a good idea since I can tumpang (enjoy) the free clown and slides etc. But the moment the I turned into the road that leads to the church, I immediately regretted! There were cars lined up on both sides of the road and it’s still a long way to the church leh!

I think it was a working Saturday, there was another church on the same road and also a warehouse sale going on! Warao! I dropped the cake and stuff plus a wailing baby with the maid and went out to find a carpark. I parked like a zillion miles away and walked like mad back to the church. As I was walking, I was like thinking oh no…what about my guests?? I was then glad that a lot them couldn’t make it and there were a few others whom I FORGOT to invite (yes they are now thanking their lucky stars that I forgot them!) I quickly smsed those who were coming to warn them about the parking problem.

When I reached the church, I noticed the place which they reserved for me was occupied with people. Hmm..where was the organiser? Alamak, it was crowded like mad ok, but after a while I bumped into the organiser and managed to get hold of the person who was supposed to assist me. She was very helpful, helped me with the food and drinks also.

I was so happy that Angeleyes managed to make it to the party thanks to Oscar’s mom of course for giving her a lift. Unfortunately the party was getting a bit out of hand due to lack of planning from this lazy Amah! However, the clowns were great and very entertaining. I really enjoyed them very much, I think more than some of the kids!

Noticed the Thomas the Engine cake? I ordered from the contact Allyfeel gave me. It was really very beautiful and at a very reasonable price I reckon. The taste was so-so but I was sure the kids appreciated the look more than the taste.

Below are the gifts Kieran received. Thank you everyone for the wonderful and very practical and useful gifts! Kieran was especially delighted with the mini toy computer that his grandfather gave him. He played with it immediately upon opening it! Kylie too was attracted to the computer as it produced songs! However, kor-kor was not too pleased with that and kept shouting at her and shoo-ing her away!


22 responses to “Kieran’s Bday Party


    happy birthday kieren! So big already! So nice your cake!!!!!! I bet all the kids lurved it!!! So many nice presents also!!!!! Say your thanks to God yar, for an Amah who planned this special day!

  2. happy birthday, kieran.

  3. Mommy to Chumsy

    Happy Belated Birthday to Kieran kor kor 🙂 Looks like a fun party. Like the Thomas cake. So colorful.

  4. happy belated birthday kieran!! Sorry couldn’t make it

  5. Angeleyes

    Wah… Kieren is so blessed… so many pressies…. Poor Kylie kena shoooed away by kor-kor…

  6. michelle

    Nice Cake. I want to do a 3D cake for my hubby, wonder how much it costs. Happy Birthday Kieran and I am sure you enjoy the day.

    By the way, I am michelle from mybabybay.

  7. Aiks!!! It that Mcdonald entertaining the kids?? Kekeke..i remember him kena rob once by AhBeng!!

  8. Happi birthday Kieran!!! Wah wah so many pressies ah…. and also lovely thomas the tank cake….mmmm I bet my nephew wud luv tat cake too… hihihih….Ace ah that mcdonald not U meh!!! entertaining the kids after Ah beng rob U!!! akkakaakakakka..

  9. mott-ayo amah kelam kabut la that party..


    momtochums&jazz-his actual bday 7Dec

    michell-thks for dropping by. aiks! hubby oso wan 3D cake ah? maybe u can chk with 5xMom where to get..

    ace-that clown not McDonalds leh..McDonalds kena tahan by the robber remember??


  10. Happy belated birthday Kieran… and sorry I couldn’t make it…

    Upon reading ur commetns on how crowded the area was, wah, sure havoc…

  11. Happy Belated Birthday Kieran

  12. Happpy belated Kieran!Wow!Beautiful cake!U order it from Pamela Jones at Old Klang Road?Expensive? And sorry i couldn’t make it…

  13. Desperate Mummy

    Wah … Happy Birthday to Kieran ! Big boy already. The cake so nice 🙂 LaundryAmah the church you mentioned is it at Sek 13?

  14. HAPPY BELATED TO KIERAN! Very soli I couldn’t make it too.

    Wow! The cakes looks cute. Where did u order and expensive or not ar?

  15. Alamak! I meant to say Happy Belated BIRTHDAY to Kieran!

  16. Julian

    Nice cake. Happy belated birthday Kieran

  17. shannon-ya good thing u couldn’t make it ler..cos u sure pengsan one!

    immoms-belum belated..actual day Dec7

    annie & Tracy-it’s ok cos u sure pengsan one if u made it! from Pamela Jones, RM140 only!

    DesMom-Yeah Sec 13! Spot on!

  18. julian-thks! err actual bday Dec7

    Sorry aunty can’t make it! The interviewer Fong Fei Kei me..say wanna call me up for interview on Sat mana tau never..:(

  20. mommy of two angels

    happiee birthday…will pass your prezzie to L-amah! solly gotta miss your party

  21. Happy Birthday Kieren..

    Wow.. can tumpang church event also one ah? But good lar.. to have clowns in the party.

  22. Wow, he received so many presents!
    7/12, oh, 2 more days to go!
    Happy Birthday to Kieran !

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