Milan Part 7 and definitely Final Part!

Yes this is definitely the final part of my journey. My flight was in the afternoon but since the guys were going to the airport I tagged along la, but it was so early, left the hotel about 7am! See la me, want to save the airport taxi charges, die die wake up early la!

Upon reaching my flight also not even on the departure schedule! I wanted to ask for help regarding the claim for VAT but I searched high and low for information booth and then finally found one but eh…no one was manning the booth! What is this??? Shouldn’t they have information like 24 hours in an international airport?? Enjoy the sunrise from the window la…

Then periodically I went to check the departure schedule to check my check in aisle and finally came out around 9.30am. I brought along 2 bottles of mineral water which I took from my principal’s booth! But then as I was queing in to security check I was told that all liquids have to be in a tiny plastic bag which they gave and it doesn’t fit the 500ml mineral water lor! Otoke? Glug glug glug…telan all the water while queing la! I already drank one while waiting to check in, phew! Since I was in the queue to the security check I couldn’t get out and throw the empty bottle so I just left on the floor lor! Ayo so embarassing ok, cos I never ever throw rubbish like on the floor one!!!

Anyway, passed security and the moment I walked out I saw the VAT refund booth. Quickly went there and was told to get custom officer’s stamp and signature first. See la, no information I so kelam kabut (lost). Then the moment I stepped into the custom officer’s room I got a rude shock, the officer just scolded or cursed me in his language and was gesturing his hand towards me like, “Get out!”. Warao eh.. Sai em sai so ngok ah..(why must be so fierce?)

Then when it was my turn he looked up at me with this really disgusted look.

Custom-Where’s the goods?

Me-Here, pointing at my LV bag which I was already using!

Custom-NO NO NO…u cannot use the goods..(just shoved the VAT form away)

Me-Err..No? I didn’t know! The shop assistant did not warn me! Please sign the form. Please…

Custom-started talking in Italian to his colleague and ignoring me! You, call this shop ask them to call us.

Me-Oh ok.

Custom-Go outside! Call outside! (the hands like shoo shoo me like a chicken liddat!)

Me-damn humiliated and frustrated at the same time

Called the LV shop and they said they will call but after waiting some time light no reaction leh! Then I looked at the custom office with pleading eyes liddat ok. The rude guy went off for a break and his colleague who was a lady I think sort of pitied me. She called me in. Then I told her why not I call LV and she can talk to them on my phone but the LV line was busy!

Finally the lady just stamped and signed for me la. Really the most humiliating experience for me to claim back Euro78!!

Then off I went to do more shopping!! I must say for Milan, the duty free shopping stores are kinda pathetic. Thank goodness there’s still a Gucci outlet. And after rounding the shelves and touching like all the bags and stuff I bought the following items. Unfortunately, the tax was inclusive, which means I have to go to back to Mr and Ms Black Face Custom Officers to get their stamping! Mr Black Face still not back from his break, I hope he never did make it back! Anyway, Ms Black Face stamped and signed quietly!

When I came back to show my loot to my cousin, she liked the bag instantly so I sold to her la..kinda felt guilty for my purchases too, so lightened my burden a bit! My disappointment from this trip, I never made it to the the brand outlets and also Prada! Yeah…yeah..sut pai…


10 responses to “Milan Part 7 and definitely Final Part!

  1. huh? how come so rude one?
    wahlau eh, scary leh… But but, Euro78 lar… worth it worth it…. hehehe

  2. Amah, the Gucci bag is unisex or not? that day i saw a guy carrying the bag (exactly like the one you posted) lo..

  3. Aiyo…these Mr. and Ms. Black Face really spoiled the day la. Never mind, at least you got to buy some stuff. Love the Gucci bag 😀

  4. shannon-ya lor so darn rude..but i die die oso want my money back la!

    huisia-ayo! that bag definitely feminine leh! it’s a shoulder bag la!!

    momtochums-ya lor…i liked the bag too but since i got my LV gave this up la..

  5. Angeleyes

    aikz! why Italiano like that one??? Heng I exit from Frankfurt the other time so don’t have such horrigible experience…

  6. angel-u lucky lor! but according to the Gucci sales girl, the custom officers are also bad to them, they were saying it’s bcos of their authority they had! pui!

  7. Oh, I like that bag too! So much cheaper to buy there hor?

  8. king’s wife-yah..especially with the tax rebate!

  9. So it seems custom staff are all alike whether overseas or in Msia, abusing their power..sheesh

  10. Warao eh, the shopping Queen award goes to ching ching ching….”LAUNDRYAMAH”.

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