My 8th Wedding Anniversary

Today, 8 years ago I walked down the aisle and married LaundryApah. I can’t believe 8 years had just passed! time flies..

So what are we doing? NOTHING lor…aiya I don’t remember ever celebrating our anniversary leh. Nevermind la, cos LaundryApah promised me a gift…..but yet to get it cos the place which gave us the best offer ran out of stock. What is it??????

A ring?

No lor…

A bag?

Aiya I got a lot la….


Sony T50

Pix from Samm’s site

Well thanks to the influence from Samm, I’ve managed to persuade LaundryApah to get me this. If Sony has run out of stock, we may have to go back to that shop where the sales guy was like kinda rude. No choice la, cos that shop has the stock and the offer was the 2nd best one.

Can’t wait la…loh kung faster get it la so I can use it during my holiday la!


28 responses to “My 8th Wedding Anniversary


    YAY!!! NOW CAN BE BLOGWHORE!!!!! HOORAY!!!!! So CLEVER APAH! Very “seng mok”!!!!!!

  2. Happy 8th anniversary !! Laundryapah bolihhh!!

  3. congrats! congrats!

  4. Congratulations! Good loh. Now you can put up more photos on your blog. Hehe.

  5. Happy Aniversary !!! LaundryAmah is that camera good?? I plan to buy one also 🙂

  6. happy 8th anniversary ooo…

    and NICE CAMERA!!!! Go Apah, fast fast get it!! woo hoo!!!!

  7. so….what did u give apah? *wink*wink

  8. nicktay


  9. Julian

    Congrats. You know what? Our wedding anniversary is two days after yours which is tomorrow. 7th.

    Camera ah? Good idea wor. Maybe Apah knows u blog a lot so a camera would be handy.

  10. laundryamah

    hello everyone!

    Apah bot the camera ledi!! Surprised me yesterday nite! Muahahaha…aiya I asked for it la!!

    Camera is quite canggih so I’m yet to discover the max of it!

  11. wei got camera no tell me ah… show me ler.. so canggih. now must ask my hubby to up grade mine liow… pray pray can get for valentines ler…


    Welcome to the club!!! I heart Sony!!! But can only afford T-10 😦


    Wuah lau eh, *duh* I thought there was something wrong with my pc leh. Got to scrol scroll scroll only can see dat canggih camera.

    U are one lucky woman!

  14. Ha ha ha… I know what LaundryAmah give to LaundryApah lah… the much sought after “ACTION IN THE BEDROOM”… kekeke…

    Wow, Apah is a good husband and father!

  16. Twin

    Wah the new Sony .. touch screen one .. very nice and the colour is really striking. Happy Anniversary! Looks like a lot of people’s anniversary is this time of the month … 🙂

  17. Angeleyes

    Happy 8th Anniversary!!!! Aiyoh, Ahpah so sayang you… bought you the camera…

    yeah yeah… what did you gave Ahpah ah??? *wink* *wink*

  18. WMD: Wife, Mother, Daughter

    Happy 8th Anniversary!!!

    Very sleek camera you have there.

  19. happy 8th anniversary amah!So when u wan to take our picture har? *wink wink* LOL

  20. Timing so “chun” (right) I keep dropping by (for the first time) when people are celebrating. Came via Sasha’s blog, wanted to read “maid with cucumber story” but now don’t seem quite appropriate since it’s your anniversary and all. So here’s wishing you:
    Happy 8th Anniversary

  21. oscar mom-hahaha u on leave how to show leh..

    hijackqueen-hi hi welcome welcome..aiya that’s why my hubby oso bought via 12-month installment lor..

    tracy-hahaha i oso follow those who like to do scroll scroll down post ma…

    monad-u ah..always think of that only!

    huisia-he dare not don’t give one..he sked amah boycott him ma!

    twin-welcome welcome to my blog..yes yes touch screen one but amah very bodoh one don’t know how to use…

    angeleyes-as i sed apah dare not don’t give one…hahahaha

    wmd-thank you thank you

    annie-when we go out again lor..when ah when ah??

    firehorse-welcome welcome..hahaha..nvm one the cucumber story chun leh~REAL one ah!

  22. Mommy to Chumsy

    Happy Anniversary Amah & Apah. So can take more wonderful photos eh? What did you get Apah????

  23. 0wa wa wa.. your ahpah also very clever to ‘tam’ you woh.

    Me also celebrated 8th anniversary.. but no present.. he only gave me kek.. kek-sum the kek! @#$!@%

  24. Happy anniversary!

    Make sure you take many many nice nice holiday pics to show us!!

  25. Happy Belated 8th Anniversary. Wow, got present some more!!!

  26. Happy belated 8th anniversary la Amah!!! Sorri late cum here been busy couple of days back!! Wah Apah so sayang U lor!! Veri nice camera!!! good now can take take more pictures liao!!!

  27. happy belated anniversary!!! wah so nice, got expensive camera to play what u got for laundry apah?

  28. Happy 8th anniversary. Wah, nice gift.

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