4 hours sleep only!!

Ayo, weyo so little sleep? And summore today going to take family picture at the studio. They better put the makeup gau gau and photoshop to hide my panda eyes leh!

Ok, laundryamah occasionally takes back some stuff to wash one, like small small contracts la, just to get some pocket money and also for the sake of R & D with my various chemicals. So this time, me got back this stupid contract to wash some hideous looking polyester cloth. Yes they come in rolls of at least 50 yards and we have to unroll and then after the wash have to untangle it! The untangling job is the worst and I think my arms just grew bigger because of this! Well I have been leaving this job to my worker and of course he’s been quite slow and always complaining, “It’s not that easy you know….” so me also fed up la and the customer also very irritating, always asking us to finish the job faster cos they have to finish sewing those hideous looking shirts for CNY! Ok, may post the picture of the cloth when I have time.

Anyway, since my worker couldn’t cope with the load, I passed on the last batch to my customer to help out. This customer is actually a centre for people with learning disabilities and they actually have a laundry washing towels for 2 hotels in town. I thought they could do with the extra business and they had a bigger and more efficient machine than mine in the store. Dim chi…after 2 days, they couldn’t even finish half of the load I gave them! Ayo…ok ok..remember their workers have learning diabilities, so they were only used to fold towels! So otoke? Bring back and do myself la! What time was that? 5.30 pm already, so have to do myself the whole night la since worker have to go home ma! But of all days, yesterday have to go to relative’s pre-wedding party so only came back at 11pm to start the washing.

But I must say, with only 1 pair of hands, I managed to do more load than my worker plus help from my maid! You see la, actually it’s always better to do things myself one, but then again cannot la…die lor if everyday like that! Slept at 2 am but didn’t really have a good one also as my mind was thinking of the remaining load…so woke up at 6 am to continue! Now waiting for a load to finish while writing this! See this amah, so tired also die die must blog! Sei moh??


15 responses to “4 hours sleep only!!

  1. Wah! Amah u so hardworking really admire u. CNY is coming cari-cari some pocket money lor … By the way, where is ur shop located ar?

  2. Amah!Banyak busy hor..nvm la..looking forward to ur Sunday holiday again,than u can have enough rest!

  3. Wow,staff dare to go back and left boss to do the leftover stuffs?

  4. amah..sai lei ah!

  5. I always ‘pui fook’ sama amah wan..besides taking care of the two little one oso can handle the laundry yourself.

  6. Amah must be Amah lor!! So keng la… can handle so mnay things at one time!1 Amah ka yau ka yau!!! But dun forget to take care of urself too la!!!

  7. mommy of two angels

    wow! so keng la u! one man show!

  8. Wah you vely hardworking wan. Do my own laundry pun I aledi complain-lah. Hope you picture turn out OK.

  9. nevermind lah…life is lidat wan. What to do. After finishing all the loads, u mah sleep kow-kow lar!

  10. CutiePrincessMummy

    halo Amah, u r a superwoman or wat? how come sooooo ‘keng’ wan? btw, hv to take care urself yea…hehe 😀

  11. wow, that’s hard work. tabik to you, lou pan liong.

  12. desmom-aiya laundry mia income kecik-kecik nia la..and i dun have laundry shop, it’s my R & D only..hahaha cos amah sell machines & chemical ma..

    annieq-eh my holiday lagi worse la,,how to rest?? travelling i think takes more juices la hahaha

    huisia-no lar..kenot ask staff to stay back last minute and he also very tired ma..

    sasha-dunno leh my hubby said i made of steel!

    ace-ten-q but the little ones got maid and hubby to help la.

    wenn-ya wor..sked back pain..aiya but me ah alwiz forget my supplements one..

    2angels-em toong “somebody” will help me meh..(u know who la)

    fireh-doing laundry is my bread & butter ma

    annie-ayo..i couldn’t sleep well last nite as girl was not well n was crying a few times

    cutie-amah when comes to work very serious one…LOL..serious my foot la

    nyonya-what to do..cari makan ma..

  13. aceone [such a sweetheart] help you do research ala mystery shopper. quite good info for you and all budding buka kedai folks

  14. whao, so got panda eyes or not the next day? Hope ur photo turns out nice.

  15. already lack of sleep but can still blog woh!


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