Kids not well

Aiya, just when I’m about to go off for a holiday and there are full activities this weekend, the kids are not well. Actually, both kids have been wheezing for quite some time. Both also haven’t fully recovered.

Then last night while I was planning my holiday, Apah called to say Kylie was down with fever. Ayo…so this morning I took her to paed and she said at least her wheezing has stopped and she should be having an infection cos the inside of her nose is reddish. She suspects a running nose episode to come up. Sigh, my poor lil princess has been in and out of paed since the day she was born leh..not only for jabs! That’s why eventhough she eats a lot she’s still like so tiny!

As for the boy, since his pneumonia episode last year, he’s also been having this wheezing problem off and on. So penat (tired) la…the paed also almost running out of ideas to treat him. Any ideas on chinese medicines??? My sis-in-law’s mom who operates a ginseng and chinese herb shop recommended to boil dried crocodile meat with herbs for him. It’s like quite gross lor but if it can cure why not leh?? Any ideas??


17 responses to “Kids not well

  1. amah..bring yr kids to ss2 the chinese med hall shop next to 7-11 to see the chinese doctor. He will give u the med already boiled/prepared.

  2. Desperate Mummy

    LaundryAmah I heard SS2 Eu Yan Sang also very good. By the way, my son also cough non-stop. I already fed up wif those western medicine n now I give him Ubat Batuk Cap Ibu dan Anak 🙂

  3. eeeee…. crocodile meat VERY geli lar… Hope they get well soon…

  4. sasha-eh what happened to your profile pix? will try when i come back from holiday!

    desmom-wah this cap ibu dan anak reliable or not ah??

    shannon-ya wor…the thot of crocodile oso scary hor??

  5. Yeah, I have heard many said about the crocodile meat… seems to work. but where to buy leh?!

    Your Kylie doesn’t look tiny to me wor…so chubby! *cubit*

  6. I’ve heard of crocodile meat too but never tried.
    My girls used to wheeze too when they were younger. Very common lah.
    But they have both grown out of it now.

  7. aikes! everytime you on holiday the kids sure sakit wan. yeap, no doubt its gross, dried croc meat is a very traditional way of treating wheezing. my nephew who resides in China for almost his entire life, have had wheezing since birth then asthma attacks very often, until one sinseh in China rec croc meat. drank the soup with rice dont taste yucky wan.. and must be rajin, drank for two years once a month now cured. wheezing is also can be caused by dusty environment or some allergies.. talking abt allergies, ask me ler… i am the allergy sifu (if you know what i mean!) *Muaks muaks* kids..


    yea..i heard abt this croc meat…think this 2rays mummy boil croc soup for her 2rays every week. Very Rajin..apparently it works?

    u ask her la.

    but she live in spore leh..not ss2..hahahahaah. mebbe u asking the uncle porkie (at the ss2 mkt) and find out la!!

  9. I heard Michelle ever said don’t give crocodile meat to kids. I have forgotten the reason. Ya, 2rays mummy boil for her kids too, you can check her blog (mott already given you the url).

    When western medicine seems helpless then maybe you can try herbs.

  10. WMD: Wife, Mother, Daughter

    Looks like we are in the same boat. My younger one is on some steroid treatment (Seretide Evohaler). Was reluctant to go on it but given the frequency of his trip to paed, paed recommends it. So far, it works.

    Yes heard of this dried croc meat too. yet to try it. How about Cod Liver Oil??

  11. not loctor wor! I’m coughing for 2 days ledi. sigh.

  12. Angeleyes

    I tried the croc meat b4… looked like chicken meat so just buat tak tau lor… don’t tell Kieren or else he sure puke it out….

  13. Mommy to Chumsy

    Hi. Have you heard of E-excel which sell lots of plant related supplements? The Millennium Juice (cactus extract with royal jelly) is really good and strengthen the immune system. Have heard many good things abt it. Since I didn’t bf my girl, I think her immune is not good so I give her the juice. One tablespoon per day. If you are interested, will give you more details. Hv a wonderful holiday 😀

  14. Hey all- thanks for everyone’s concern and suggestions, I think will go for the croc meat thingy la..cos I don’t want the wheezing to get cronic and become long term asthmatic leh!

  15. My sone had pneumonis 3 years back and I finally found a good Chinese doc which managed to cure him. I’d still recommend Chinese medicinelah.

  16. Amah,my both sons also sick la,somemore with high fever!I think is the weather make all ppl sick including adults!Crocodile meat i try once in thailand,no funny taste,just like angeleyes said it look like chicken meat.I try the crocodile soup and bbq type of crocodile meat..hehe!

  17. Croc meat may have steroid which is not good for children. Try swimming, help him to exercise his lungs.

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