HK-Macau Trip Day 1

As usual this Amah very last minute with so many unfinished tasks left to the last day before the travel date. Managed to finish just before midnight and then only started packing! With my half past six packing, I forgot to bring the maps to my shopping and food destinations and also the time table which we planned our trip on! Also the address of the person whom we going to stay with in Hong Kong was on the time table. Sigh, the best part is I remembered printing all of it and put it together with my camera USB cable and even had vague memory that I’ve placed all of them in the bag…but in actual fact, it was not! Now, I’m stuck with the limited memory of 1Gb in my camera and also 1Gb in my phone memory…

Day 1 (10/12/2006)

There was a 45-minute delay departing KLIA and I arrived HKIA 2.00pm. I was told that I do not have to go through HK customs, and can directly get on the ferry to Macau from the airport. Yes, true enough. It’s that simple. After coming out of the plane, I just walked straight following the sign to the ferry and then got the ticket for HKD180.00. My luggage will automatically be transferred to the ferry which I’m booked on, which was 3.15pm. Instructions were clear and everything was smooth.

Ferry ride was about 1 hour and when I came out of customs, I was actually expecting something like the airport, i.e. luggage coming out in a carousel but unfortunately no! They dumped the luggage in a room and there was no queue and I see everybody crowding around that place waiting for their luggage! I was like oh long do I have to wait? The situation was worsened with the fact that a group of Macau athletes had returned from the Asian Games! But thank God, somehow despite the fact that I was quite far from the counter, I managed to spot my luggage coming in the trolley as it was right on top of the pile! I quickly waved my luggage tag to the porter and shouted that my luggage was out! I didn’t know what gave me the courage to do so but I just did it! So that saved me a lot of hassle and off I went!

More to come whenever I have the chance to put down before I forget the details! Photos etc will follow when I return!


22 responses to “HK-Macau Trip Day 1

  1. u went to HK alone?? Never bring kids or hubby?

  2. Amah, raining le, how to go to Disneyland? So, still able to meet this Sunday?

  3. Julian

    Another holiday-business trip aH?

  4. yeah…who did you go with???

  5. sasha- ya ler no kids no hubby! hooorayyyyy..hip hip lar…miss the kids la..

    huisia-ya ya disneyland what time should we meet? i’m actually meeting someone for lunch. i can make it earlier so i can meet u after lunch

    julian-purely holiday!!

    nomad-with my cousin’s daughter (my niece la)

  6. Amah U go HK ah…. goin Disneyland ah… I wan to cum I wan to cum too…. Faster faster take me along!!!

    Ps: So is U la cum into my blog today from Wanchai!! I tot who so terror cum from HK also know my blog see see Amah in HK!!! Sumore I suspense thinkin hmm mebbe I bump into one of the stars la!!! Kakakakakak

  7. Wah, so syiok! Going on a holiday without hubby and kids? Yeah! Dat’s what I call ‘A HOLIDAY’! Enjoy urself!

  8. Happy Holiday, so pandai to “heong sou” ler.

  9. amah, lulu hoping you bungkus some low-por pheng for this non-low-lor, and invite her over to tea some day to try amah’s sou-sei. see whether your cooking skill improve since form 1 or not.

  10. WMD: Wife, Mother, Daughter

    So nice so many holidays within such a short period of time. Did the kids tag along too?

  11. wenn-hahaha wa how u know ah the origin of the visitor? thru stats ah?

    tracy-ya man w/o kids easier to shop ma but miss them lor

    ally-3 yrs didn’t go so this year i maximum holiday lor..

    lulu-ayo why lulu?? eh cooking of course improved a lot la! mother of 2 leow leh!

    wmd-no lar..last holiday was in june n of course no hubby & kids la! my version of holiday is on my own la!

  12. AceOne

    Wuah!!go HK eat ‘siew ngor pei’ ar?? kekeke

  13. Mommy to Chumsy

    Wow…holiday without hubby and kids. Wish I can take one like that too but ashley sticks to me like salonpas 😀

  14. wahh u travelling again!!

  15. Looks like you having lotsa fun. Waiting to hear your travel stories when you come back. Happy Holidays.

  16. Looks like all has been said by everyone who visited your blog la…..So nice one…….hmmm,, I only dream la…

  17. Twin

    wah so much fun.

  18. I, I, I? Went alone again? Without the hubby and the kids?

    Must change your nick to travelling amah liao woh.

  19. shooi

    I always reduce my photo sizes before i post it on the web. Otherwise it takes forever to load.

    One quick way is to open the photos using Microsoft Office Picture Manager (comes with Windows XP). Just go to Edit Pictures\ Compress Pictures.

    Or if you have Adobe Photoshop, just click Save A Copy, choose JPEG option, rename the file and adjust the photo size/ quality to low. That will help to reduce the file size.

  20. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  21. Greetings to you and your family.

    Will be waiting for those pics! lol

  22. Laundryamah, you not chyet come home yet ah?

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