Macau Day 1-2

After checking in the hotel, we went off to savour the famous “chue par pau” (pork chop bun). I hardly eat pork back home but coming all the way and it’s supposed to be really popular and yummy, of course eat la! Well, the taste otoke? Hmmm….the bun was like sooooo yummy but the pork chop was like kinda normal lor. The bun was crisp on the outside and the inside was like so soft! We also tried the “lat yu cheesi pau” (Sardine in spicy oil with cheese bun). It doesn’t look special or delicious from the appearance but it’s yummylicious! I never really liked sardines but this sardine was so yummy that I bought some back! hahahaha….

The ruins of St Paul was a disappointment. Don’t know why it looked so good on photos but in real life…hmmm…not so impressive leh. Anway, we didn’t get good pics as it was dark already. They were supposed to have lights shining up the fort but that day they decided not to! Walked down the shopping street and the dried bbq meat pork sellers kept offering us to sample the bbq pork!

Dinner was then at an authentic Portuguese restaurant near the Black Sand beach..alamak forgot the name. The food was like OMG….really delicious lor! Again, the bread was like heavenly! I mean it! Heavenly! The bbq pork ribs too was yummy and I’m sure Oscar’s mom will love it cos it’s very salty!!!!!!! Don’t think the vege looks plain plain liddat, wah…also very yummy wor! The garlic cod fish was so-so nya…tasted kinda weird and was swimming in olive oil. See the wine they added lemon inside. Very nice wor…

Macau Day 2

Morning was at the typical char chan teng (coffee shop) near the hotel. We ate the “chue par pau” (pork chop bun) again and instant noodles with sardines. This time the bun was not as good but the pork chop was good. Piggyhoo tried the coffee with lemon which tasted weird….

Then we walked to Macau’s biggest casino called Sands. The place was smoky and swarmed of Tai Luk people. Don’t see them like so Ah Piau, betting at minimum HKD100/chip and they bet with like more than 3 chips! We just went to observe and didn’t gamble of course!

Then we packed and checked out and went to meet my cousin’s (Piggyhoo’s mom) Macau friends (Uncle Gau & Aunty Po). We had the best Portugese tart ever before we went to Zhu Hai.

The car was parked nearby to Immigration and then we just walked across the border. Upon reaching Macau Immigration, we realised we have to submit the embarkation form but both of us do not have it in our passports!! PANIC!!!! The Macau friend quickly checked with the immigration office if it’s ok to fill in a new one. It was ok but then upon looking at the leng chai officer, he asked me to check my purse again, and I found the form! hahahhaa..As usual there were Tai Luk ppl everywhere and they were transporting goods back in plastic bags, shopping trolleys etc..We saw Immigration officers stopping some of them and some managed to escape!

The shopping centre was right in front of the Zhu Hai immigration. It reminded me of Sg Wang, only bigger. The first part was the handphone & electronic gadgets area and I bought the latest Nokia bluetooth (size is smaller than the normal ones) for RMB120 only! Can you beat that? The offering price was RMB240 and the Macau friend helped bargain it down. Terrerrr leh! Then Uncle Gau & Aunty Po went for massage while we shopped.

We bought loads of DVDs, mainly TVB serials and of course my Korean series! Wahahahahaa…we stopped buying after a while when we suddenly realised that we couldn’t overdo it, kena tahan (get caught) at the customs mai sei (die)!

After 3 hours of walking and bargaining we were really tired and went back to the Spa. They had a private massage room complete with TV. They had to add massage time as we overshot the time! hahahaha..then we decided to have foot massage since they were not finished with their body massage. It was just RMB35 only! Warao! I was not the massage massage type but went for it la! However, I warned the girl not to overdo it as I was the sensitive and the screaming type! (Where else did Kylie inherit this trait leh??) She was so gentle till I began to feel that she was just sayang sayanging (stroking gently) my leg so I told her can press harder one….wah…in just a few moments I let out a yelp! Yeowwwwwwww! It was hilarious!
After the massage we made our way back to Macau. Dinner was at a Burmese restaurant. We had Yue Tong Mee (Noodles in Fish stock), taste was nothing special but the stock was very good. Piggy had pork chop noodles and it was good too.

Then off to the ferry terminal. Bought our tickets (HKD176) and proceeded to board. However, we were stopped as we had our luggage with us. Jialatt (bad luck) cos I saw some ppl going in with luggage something like ours also managed to walk past! We went to pay for the luggage handling fee (HKD20 each) and the porter told us we were advised to carry them in as the ferry leaves in 15 minutes time and clearance in HK will take a long time (he described that we can go to HK and back to TST also the luggage will not appear!). That reminded me of the luggage incident earlier so I decided to carry into the ferry! So stupid right? Pay for the handling fee and then allow to carry! Bloody Macau Porter was so irritating cos he returned change for the fee in a ten dollar coin. Aunty Po asked him to give a note instead and he said no more! Aunty Po was a fierce lady and said she saw in the box, so he sei sei (at the end) also had to give us the note. Then Aunty Po also scolded him for exaggerating about the luggage clearance time. So kesian la (pityful) we since we were ignorant we kena (got) bullied..sob sob!

Arrived Hong Kong and took a cab to Aunty Florence’s (cousin’s friend too) place at Nam San Sun Chuen (Quarry Bay,Tai Koo). The apartment was very small as expected and we slept in the sofa bed in the living room.


15 responses to “Macau Day 1-2

  1. We like the shopping centre too, my hub could purposely go there and buy his DVDs.

  2. Amah, if you dont have the photoshop, then maybe you can download the Picasa, you can get it from the blogger help section.


    wahh….the food sounds soooo delicious much porky!


  4. it’s nam fung sun chuen not nam san sun chuen la!

    btw, you can use ‘paint’ to reduce the size of ur photos.

    i miss hk… =P

  5. if you are not too bothered about the quality of the image, (a little more distortion and all), can use pc paint also…. just shrink the photo follow percentage, width and height same %, then save as JPG format… 😀

  6. Microsoft Photo Editor can resize the pix too.

  7. Hi hi.. If I have the time I’ll usually make an effort using Photoshop to edit.

    Others, try this – the easier and fastest way to photo resizing. Good luck..

  8. Angeleyes

    wah amah…. u make me drool lar… did you buy any kai-jai-peng (chiken biscuit) at Mongkok??? Aiyoh… tat one ah… the best ah!

  9. wahh me oso going macau year end, must go makan the porkchop

  10. Wuahhhh..amah ate so much ..added how many kilos ledi?? kekeke

  11. Food looks yummy. So much to eat! Been busy?? Miss your blogging. Happy New Year to you and your family 😀

  12. Wah I missed the chue pah pau la…. I went to HK with my cuzzie 2 yrs ago and we had chue pah pau as well la….. Emmmm yummy yummy lor!!!

    Amah Wish U n family a Happy Happy New Year ya!!!!

  13. Lidat must go to Macau liao. Drop by to wish yu Happy New Year and may you have all the good luck and success in 2007.

  14. Happy New Year to You and your family!!

    Thanks for posting all those pics! You look so cute!! 😛

  15. ok…i see ur oso ate the same food as u kekekeke…

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