Hong Kong Day 1

Went to TST Park Lane and sent my ring to enlarge (fat ledi ma…so cannot fit leow lor). Bought it in 2003 from TSL so I could get it enlarged FOC. Then jalan jalan (walking) along Park Lane. Shops not so interesting so we made our way to Harbour City but I wasn’t sure of the direction from Park Lane. Guess guess and ask around la. Vague memory ma…

Had lunch at McDonalds cos I wanted to try the rice burger. So so nya…but the entertainment we had was awesome! We were eating halfway and suddenly there was this lady screaming in Cantonese ala Teochew accent. She accused this guy of molesting her while she was exiting and him entering McDonalds. She was obviously a nanny as I saw her holding a 7 – 8-year old foreigner boy. She kept saying that the guy molested her and asked him to go to the police station which was directly opposite that place. The guy refused of course and called the police on his handphone but the police never turned up even when we were leaving. I think the drama lasted about 15 – 20 minutes. Obviously the lady is from China and she was looking for a quick buck but didn’t get it lor! Sooooo irrrriiiiitating….really pity the boy she was babysitting.

Shopped at Harbour City next, spent like almost 3 hours in Marks & Spencer alone, eh 3 floors leh! Bought the prettiest dress for Kylie, lingerie, underwear & socks for Kieran. Then went to this floor which has all the branded kids wear e.g.Kingkow, D& G, Kenzo, Dior, Moschino etc etc…so beautiful ok but then the discount was not really fantastic so didn’t get anything la…somemore all wintery clothes. Saw Disney version Croc Shoes, quite cute lor cos the holes were in the shape of Mickey’s head but I didn’t get also cos I don’t like Croc shoes even though they are slightly cheaper there compared to here.

The difference of the Christmas deco between day & night.

Then we were hungry leow and my legs couldn’t take me anywhere further to look for more authentic food so we settled for shopping complex food at this restaurant which overlooks the harbour where the Star Cruise docks.

The serving was so big we actually had to force everything in our stomach since it was kinda pricey. Good thing we took a slow and long walk after that since we wanted to see the areana of stars. It was dark by then and the Christmas lights on both sides of TST and HK island can be seen clearly and it was simply beautiful!

Hong Kong Island TST

Print of my darling Tony Leung Chiu Wai

We then walked past this very familiar looking bridge which we’ve seen in movies and tv serials. Then we walked to the nearest MTR which was like so far….by the time we reached the apartment our legs were almost giving way! What a fruitful day. But it didn’t end here as we had to massage our host as she was aching all over from the hardwork of decorating a 10′ Christmas tree! That’s how we paid for our stay with her…kakakakakaka….


6 responses to “Hong Kong Day 1

  1. wow…u alone oso so happening one…i didn’t go many places in HK, was a bit rush, just went to Esprit lap 1 baju hahha

  2. Angeleyeshttp://ramblingmoo.wordpress.com/

    wah… I love shop and feast trips!

  3. Got met any HK super star anot?

  4. jazz-ayo sai chor lor…cos i heard the sales in HK is fantastic after Christmas…

    Angeleyes-i know…i know…i miss HK ledi..

    Ace-too bad this time didn’t see any stars leh! so disappointed lor..

  5. Mommy to Chumsy

    You sure had a great time in HK/Macau. Love the dress you bought for Kylie. So pretty!

  6. eh where is our leslie’s photo… fast fast blog that part ler…

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