Christmas Eve

Taking a break from my Hong Kong trip update but this is a backdated post.

Had Christmas dinner at mom’s place and this year we decided to have steam boat. Usually my older brother would cook western food but this year he decided not to as he claims lack of practise! Anyway, the steam boat was good. I bought a Christmas cake from the bakery in Isetan and it was simply yummilicious! It was a green tea cake. Highly recommended!!

Then after dinner Piggyhoo called me to join her & old school friends for a nite out. Met her at the Curve and the traffic was horrendous so thank God LaundryApah dropped me there and I didn’t need to look for carpark. Met the gang at this Paddington Pancake restaurant as some of her friends have not eaten. It was like 9.30 already and their food was yet to be served! They only served the drink after about an hour! So they decided to make some noise and complained but they said they couldn’t do anything as they couldn’t cope with the demand! Food finally arrived after 1.5hrs and one of it was a wrong order! The poor girls were so hungry they didn’t bother to complain so they just dugged in and gobbled it up. They admitted the order was wrong and we demanded some discount or some free drinks and they didn’t react but just smiled sheepishly only! WTF!! I was not eating but still I was quite mad lor! Then the girls decided not to pay for the meal and we just walked off 2 by 2! See la these people, didn’t even realise also! I am sure there are many others who walked off without paying. Wow, it’s amazing how daring these young people are nowadays. For me, no matter how terrible the service, I don’t think I can just walk off without paying, just tell the whole world how bad they were “mai shuin lor…” (was good enough).

Then we proceeded to Desa Hartamas for the countdown to Christmas. Again, parking was like full and we spotted a spot just enought to squeeze Piggyhoo’s car but it was not a legal lot la. Then this Indian boy came and demanded RM10 for the parking fee! I asked what right he has to demand that amount and he said that it was Christmas eve so it’s standard fee! WTF! What standard fee? Just becos we didn’t park in their parking lot they wanted to still collect the fee. We didn’t want trouble so we drove off and parked further away at a private car park which was also RM10 but we felt better since it was a legal parking area!

Went to this club called My Home, wah it’s been like donkey years since Amah went clubbing ok. Amah got culture shock lor! Those girls kept camwhoring non-stop. Amah also camwhored a bit la but cannot beat them man! Then after the countdown the DJ invited guests to dance and there was this group of aunties who came out and started dancing Line Dance! Waraoeh! I thought I was the oldest there but I was not lor! hahahhaha… The DJ called them the Pussycats of Hartamas and they were like dancing for 3 songs and I was like kinda didn’t want to see the 4th one lor…begged the gang to out instead but they dare not! Young ciku memang young ciku, like that also dare not. So Amah of course have to lead the way la! kakakkaka…Can u imagine this Amah dancing with those young 21 year olds?? Happening leh…
It read:My Home Bistro Wish u Merry X’mas Let’s the Party began

Huh??? Can get someone with more descent English to write a sign liddis ah??

Hartamas Pussycats in action!

Then one of them got info that there were police blocks everywhere and all of them drank alcohol except me & Piggghoo. So I was asked to help drive one of the girl’s car. So off we went and the police upon seeing this innocent looking Amah didn’t even stop me, just flagged me to continue! muahahahhaha….

I was feeling hungry from all the excitement and suggested to go mamak in SS2. I was led to this really happening mamak called Murni. The menu they had was like endless and most of them I’ve not heard of before! Wah this Amah very out la! The food and drinks were amazing!

Drink was Mango special and the food was Garlic Cheese Naan…wah 1st time for Amah leh..soooo soooo yummieeeee lor…


9 responses to “Christmas Eve

  1. Mommy to Chumsy

    Wah Amah, you are very happening la 😀 Great to go out with some girls eh?

  2. are very happening hor..can catch up with those girls! 😀

  3. WMD: Wife, Mother, Daughter

    wah reading your account make me realized how old and ketinggalan I am with the night life happenings. though I am not a clubbing sort of person, i still miss those late night outings.

  4. mom2chums/babykhong/wmd-ya wor cos i’m curious with what the youngsters do nowadays ma..trying to be more “in” ma!


    wahh..very haps la you! My hub ask me to go clubbing with him..but I always turn it down…too aunty already la!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

    Garlic cheese naan…ooohhhhhmmmmm….


  6. aiyoh… the beginning part already make my mouth watering… green tea cake yumms! then came the garlic cheese naan… and the mango drink… damn thirsty now! aiyah… next time bring me pls…

  7. mott-go go don’t get ketinggalan leh! must keep the hubby on watch oso ma..hahahaha

    oscar’smom-okay call u can come out or not???

  8. warou!!!so happening lei amah!had been ages i nv go for clubbing lo!maybe next time we can arrange one meet up we all go for clubbing!Yeah!

  9. Angeleyes

    wah…. Amah boogieeeee all night ah! So happening!

    Wah…. I like cheese nann lor!

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