Kieran’s 1st Day at School

Yesterday was a long day as it was Kieran’s first day at school and also piano class. Went to piano class at 10 am and then we went for an early lunch near the school. Had a good chat with Kieran and reminded him not to take money from his friends again. I made sure he had enough food and drink plus tissue too!

Since I was quite early, we managed to get a good parking but it was a MPPJ parking, so had to pay la. Nevermind la cos I didn’t want to get caught in the school jam. But the parking is very close to the school so it’s not bad.

Look at how happy he is, didn’t show any signs of nervousness at all, aiya, shouldn’t also la, since he’s been to the school for 3 weeks last year for the extra classes. Anyway here are some pictures.

Went with Apah to pick him up as I foresee all hell will break loose for the traffic situation. And yes it was as expected quite bad and it was drizzling a little. Apah went to get him while I drove. Here’s photo of the jam…

Was supposed to send him for a haircut the day before but Amah was too lazy and glued to the tv watching Korean drama. So took him for the haircut while Apah shopped at the pasar malam.

At dinner, Apah said Kieran bought Vitagen in school. I blew up, of course la, cos I made sure he didn’t bring any money to school. This time he took money from a church friend. I was so mad I went berserk. He said he didn’t take the money, the friend gave him the money to buy the vitagen and they shared the drink. That’s not the point, the point was he disobeyed me again! Just because practically everyone bought things in the canteen he also was pressured to do so. I want to maintain not allowing him to succumb to peer pressure cos I can see the pressure to get Playstation and then handphone and God knows what coming in the near future! I really give up la..when talking to him, he was like an angel and able to answer the questions I posted to him to make sure he understood my intention and the next thing he did was to take again…WHY?? WHY?? WHY??


9 responses to “Kieran’s 1st Day at School

  1. He’s still very young but can be made to understand. Maybe he dun understand why you say cannot buy. So sit him down calmly and talk to him. Ask him next time he disobey you what type of punishment he think he should get? Let him come up with his own punishments, that way when he disobeys you again (believe me they will) you just implement punishment no need screaming until blue in face, very senang cause and effect, some more he the one made up his own punishment you implement it only. That way he ada control sikit (or the illusion of control) if I choose to disobey mummy then I am choosing to be punished. Write down the punishment that he has generated for you clearly and put it up somewhere he can see. Very fast they learn that punishment dun just fall out of the sky, their actions or their choices have consequences. When the time comes he will cry and plea and kick a big storm up but you dun have to get upset, in fact you become his ally, say “Mummy very sorry, I really dun want to punish you but I got no choice, we had an agreement and the punishments were set by you, not me, you choose to do _______ and you agreed that if _____ happen this is what the punishment will be”.

  2. Sorry Laundryamah if my 2 sen is too long, dun mean to sound like Miss Know-it-all.

  3. Happy New Year to you Amah. May you be blessed with loads of patience, love and hapiness. 🙂

  4. Laundry Amah, happy new year. Been visiting your blog for awhile. Enjoy reading it coz it reminds me of my sister’s boys. Be patient with Kieranlah, I think it’s a phase he’s going through.

  5. Long time no read — actually cause I was on leave before Xmas up till now, and trying to catch you with all the happenings. You would think I would have more time when on leave, but I was with family, friends, makan makan etc….even lagi busy than compared to if I am at work….

    I have no experience with 7 yr olds, so difficult to advise here. But I would also probably do like what you do, explain to him and also provide consequences to him. He should be old enuf to comprehend?

  6. WMD: Wife, Mother, Daughter

    Happy New Year!

    Firehorse’s tips sounds good. Perhaps you could give it a try. Aiyoo I am really learning a lot here.

  7. firehorse-hey that’s a great idea! thanks for ur tip! very much appreciated..thanks hor..

    allyfeel-tq! yes especially patience!!

    2crazydogs-hi thanks for visiting my humble blog! ya i guess it’s the start of peer pressure

    milkmaid-ya me also long time no blog one time blog put up 3 posts!

    wmd-that’s y this blogging is good ma, learn from one another

  8. aiyah, amah, teach slow slow la. this is a learning phase for both you and kieran. actually kieran is very bright, just need alot of guidance. him acting like this is due to peer pressure. in school sure got wan ler… try firehorse mia method and see if it works or not. dont forget, always handle kids with lots of kesabaran… me also learning phase…

  9. Good idea from Firehorse. Don’t despair as you are not the only one. I don’t trust my boy to give him money yet and he is the same age as Kieran.

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