Hong Kong Day 1 – 2

Continuation from the bridge. Our HK host Auntie Florence called us while we were on the MTR and asked us to meet her at Causeway Bay Sogo for supper.

We went to this sushi restaurant and they had a number waiting system like in the bank! The time we reached there was about 10+ pm and the number was about 40+ and the number given to us was 81! Warao eh have to wait for 40 tables ah?? em hai ma…(cannot be right?) But then Auntie Florence said the sushi is like the best that’s why the long queue. She said die die wait la, don’t know when she’ll be free to bring us there so we waited. A lot of people couldn’t wait and went off so the number jumped quite fast. No matter how fast also it was about 1 hour+ wait! It’s located opposite the World Trade Centre, Causeway Bay.Waiting in line…no 58 nya…long way to go
Salmon Fish eggs on rice (forgot the name leh)
Deep fried soft shell crab

Many more but was too hungry after the wait so forgot to take the photos of the first few dishes!! hahahhaa…

Hong Kong Day 2

Had breakfast at the typical neighbourhood cafe. We had to walk a few streets in order to find this place. As our dear Auntie Florence who doesn’t frequent such areas, she didn’t recommend us to eat at such cafes. Had my favourite, “Char Leong” (yau char quai wrapped in chee cheong fun) and beef noodles (ngau lam meen). We also had porridge, which was like so smooth and yummy. The secret to their yummy food, it was made there and then, the yah char quai is being fried there too so it’s like fresh la.
This was not the best I had but it was good enough!

Love this, the beef was so tender and the soup yumm..

Really smooth porridge, I must say the Honkies are darn good in making porridge,,


8 responses to “Hong Kong Day 1 – 2

  1. wei, so yum la… the secret to their yummy porridge is their constant stirring and before the porridge is served, they always finished it with some corn starch. got to know this from some HK cook show. ngek ngek ngek…

  2. Mommy to Chumsy

    Aiyo the food looks good la. Love char leong very much and can’t really find it over here. Reading your blog and Oscar’s mommy’s blog really make my mouth water 😀

  3. Aiyo Food again??? U and Angie making it very hard for me to diet! (hahah put all the blame on u guys..)

  4. Desperate Mummy

    Wah ….look tasty lar Yum!yum! ada shopping tak?

  5. Aisehman… Amah everyday hor I come to ur blog I see U no update.. And then today I come to ur blog hor I look again war liaooooooo I missed out so many things liao… U see la sei eh sei i am getting old la…. need double glasses liao……. Damn… la… too much work must be too much work… kakkakakakakkaka

  6. oscarmom-oh sodeska…must do that next time!

    chumsy-cant find char leong here la..

    sasha-hahaha..what diet??

    desperate-shopping of course la!

    wenn-hahaha..no lar..tired only la rest lor

  7. Angeleyeshttp://ramblingmoo.wordpress.com/

    Can add more oil to the porridge then sure smooth smooth one… esp chicken oil. I learned from another source, blender the rice before boiling so will be smoother.
    I also like the yau-char-kuai in HK… damn yummy!

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