Hong Kong Day 2

Today was the day that we shopped till we dropped. Went to the designer warehouse at Ap Lei Chau. We took a cab as we were already on Hong Kong Island. For both of us to take the MTR to Central and then change to the bus it’s just too troublesome and savings we get is not that much ler..aiya making excuses for my laziness..hehehe..

Anyway, first stop was supposed to be Space, Prada & Miu Miu off season outlet but the cab driver didn’t understand what I said so we ended up at the other place which is just 2 minutes away by cab. It doesn’t matter la since we have to take a cab to either one anyway, so we started there, which has off season outlets for Joyce, Lane Crawford, Max Mara etc etc etc. But of course we only had time for the 3 I mentioned. We actually spent the whole day there rummaging through the stuff. Only managed to get an Alexander McQueen denim skirt from Joyce and a few Moschino, Paul & Joe & Alberta Ferreti blouses from Lane Crawford. Boy the blouses were a steal as it was only about RM100 to RM200 each!

Next was Space. Bought 2 bags, although look similar but it was really dai lor…like must buy la! Bought a wallet for Oscar’s mom which was so so so so dai..so cannot resist la! Hahahahha…So if you guys wanna see Oscar’s mom wallet ask her to put in her blog la!

One of my Prada Bags, the other one forgot to take photo leh, it’s the same, only bigger and brown colour.

After that we dropped all the stuff back at the apartment and headed off to Causeway Bay for continuous shopping! Gila or not?? Had dinner at some cafe, not fantastic la, just tried the fish ball noodle but I reckon it’s the wrong place…so so nya.

Then went to Times Sqare, couldn’t recognise the place as the Christmas deco kinda masked it. Standing in front of the Clock thingy..

Had dessert at this place which only has milk in it, the double boiled/steam type. Wah, it tasted heavenly, serious, we were quite full but die die also finished everything. Darn, it was so yummy we forgot photos la! More to come soon….


12 responses to “Hong Kong Day 2

  1. okok, go bek i post nice nice pic of the wallet ah…

  2. Mommy to Chumsy

    Wow you ARE really a shopping queen. Salute! Salute!

  3. Glad you manage to ‘sapu’ so many bargains!

    With all the walking, carrying the load etc, I think you can eat all you want and not worry about gaining a thing! lol

  4. You are so lucky, I would give anything to go to HK and shop till I drop. Are the things affordable?

  5. oscarmom-up to u la..hahaha

    chumsy-ya wor me born shopping queen!

    helen-i thot so too but then i did put on weight!!

    fireh-yes yes affordable only when u know where & what to buy

  6. CutiePrincessMummy

    Wah, very fruitful trip wor Amah!! managed to buy soooo many things and taste soooo many good food there! Aiyah, dun care bout the weight u gain la!! hehehe!!

  7. Wah sai another prada bag ah… Aiyo I also hv to competition with Amah liao take all my bags take picture liao…. Ok ah???

  8. cutie-yah this trip was indeed fruitful hahaha

    wenn-can wor..i’m planning to take pics of all my bags too..but after CNY la cos amah vely the bzleh…

  9. Angeleyesramblingmoo.wordpress.com

    wah amah…. must give you throphy lioa as a shopping queen! Now I stopped buying all those bags and whatever fashion stuff… my latest craze… baking gadgets! hahahaha

  10. shopping queen= nga hor pau? hahahahhaha….bluekkkkk

  11. I like the skull on ur prada bag. 🙂

  12. mary ann martinez

    above you talked about your day shopping in hongkong— i will be going this thursday from manila and would like to know the complete address of the outlet of prada etc…. i am also very much interested in finding other factory outlets of designer brand clother like Paul & joe, marni and others…. i am booked at the Marco Polo hotel in Tsim sha tsui area…. any directions and recommendations would be greatly appreciated…. thanks from manila

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