Backdated Post

This was the final part of Kieran’s school holiday activities last year thanks to LaundryApah of course! Well, Amah was MIA ma…so daddy brought son around lor.

When I was in HK, daddy brought Kieran to the Curve to see Santa and also for the Scooby Doo show. Kieran was terrified of Santa and Scooby but of course dare not own up to it, Daddy could tell he was afraid as he refused to take photos with Santa or Scooby. However, after much coaxing and reassurance, he finally took a photo with Santa! We knew that this rascal is all soft inside, really, cos the last time when LaundryApOh took him to MidValley to take photo with Winnie the Pooh, they were queuing for so long and when it’s almost their turn, he started making excuses like he needs to go to the bathroon la, etc etc…

On another day, daddy took him to the Bird Park. The last time he went was with his cousin a couple of years ago, I think when he was around 3 years plus. The photo on the left was the last time and the photo on the right was this time. You can see the difference in the expression, what a difference, he was really terrified the last time but he pretended to be macho in front of his cousin. This time, he was more confident! Boy. My boy has grown….

He had fun at the playground too and they ended the day at One Utama and continued playing at the indoor playground. Due to our living arrangements at the moment, Kieran hardly has the opportunity to play in the parks/playgrounds. Well, you can say he’s pretty deprived. We feel kinda bad, so very soon we are moving to our new home but he will only have weekends since he’s studying in the afternoon session, by the time he reaches home, it’s too dark! may wonder, what happened to Kylie, well Daddy cannot take her along as she’s always acting up after a while whenever we bring her out, so daddy can’t handle that! Really boooo to Daddy on that part! Poor Kylie…..


12 responses to “Backdated Post

  1. men…..pass them the kids..the legs also shiver. My hubby will call me like eleventy two times a day if i leave him alone with Jayden.

  2. WMD: Wife, Mother, Daughter

    good opportunity for father and son bonding. Looks like they had fun. My son is also afraid of santa..but my son is exceptionally “mou tum”.

  3. But Bravo to daddy too la… he is still able to bring Kieran out for so many activities. As you know men cannot really multitask when comes to kid ler. 🙂

  4. CutiePrincessMummy

    My hub can handle Jiejie very well but not Meimei, poor meimei!

    Think i shd leave him with meimei more. Let’s test him this wkend! **devil grin**

  5. way to go laundryapah. he is the best la. so laundryamah, must TREAT laundryapah nice nice ah… hehe…

  6. Desperate Mummy

    Wah!LaundryApah so clever can bring Kieran go gai-gai when u are not around. Goodlar 🙂

  7. Mommy to Chumsy

    Kieran is such a handsome boy! Looks like a fun day with daddy. Can understand why he didn’t bring Kylie along. Hard to take care of 2 kids. The two of us also find it hard to take care of our drama queen *sigh*

  8. Angeleyes

    wah Kieran sudah besar lor… Amah you damn lucky got Apah to care for the kids…

  9. Agree with mommy to chumsy, Kieran is gonna be a heartbreaker. And you woman, has got one wonderful Apah.

  10. LaundryApah Rocks!!! *Claps* Mens oso can take care of kids wan geh.

  11. wahh at least apah is pretty good taking care of him hehe…

    bird park looks like a nice place hoh


    nice to read your blog again after so many months of MIA. Glad you had a wonderful trip in HK. So keng…and so lucky…..I envy you. Plus your splendid camera. Cool…….Looks like blogging and photo shooting is your game. Keep it up.

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