Getting New House Ready

We have been staying a few nights a week at our new home to start assembling the furnitures and also testing the pipes la. Below is Apah trying to fix the rainbow thingy and Kylie sitting on the platform on my room where the bed is.

Kids playing in the swivel chair..really fun leh..I oso can fit inside and spin wor!

Kieran on top of his queen size bunk bed! We took quite some time to psyche him to agree to sleep up there but he’s not able to sleep there yet cos mummy haven’t bought a new door for the room yet!! So at the mean time, all sleep in mummy’s room!

Kylie’s bed is below the bunk bed together with the desk. The room size is just big enough to fit this bed and the space available is very limited!

There are more photos but I was told we can only put limited number of photos in one to be continued…


15 responses to “Getting New House Ready

  1. nicktay

    Wow…your new place looking nice 🙂

  2. Congrates on the new house. Can’t wait to see more pix

  3. the photo shows little of kieran’s bed, but it looks cool leh… i like the woodgrains…. take photo of whole bed wei

  4. New year, new house…congrats! 🙂

    Wow..Kieran got a Queen size bed all by himself!! Lucky boy! 🙂

  5. Desperate Mummy

    Congratulations!Amah on ur new house. U have the full photo of Kieran’s bed? I wan to see lar :)By the way hor, did u help Apah to fix the furniture also ;P

  6. nick-no lar..humble home only..

    imom & blurblur-thanks..actually hor hse not new..bought like 3.5years ago!

    shannon-ok ok…later ya!

    desmom-thanks!of course i helped la!

  7. Amah, I like the swivel chair. Where to buy ar?

  8. Mommy to Chumsy

    Busy busy busy eh? Must take more photos of your new house when all is ready ok? The bunk bed is very nice.

  9. I always dreamed of having a bunk bed but we were too poor can afford one big mattress, all three slept in it. Looks like it’s a very nice new house, yeah post more pictures, will be back. Always exciting to move into new home.

  10. babyryan-from Ikea, now the color is much nicer, the one i have was bot during sale

    chumsy-ya ya busy busy!

    firehorse-if given a choice i wud do without the bunk bed (not that expensive la..)but the room is too small 😦


    New house for New Year…congrats! Nice swivel chair and bunk bed too. We’ve been considering buying a single children’s bed or bunk bed…we chose single bed at the end.

  12. wow queen size bunk bed…cool!!! where u got taht from


    Amah… when are u moving to your new place? Next time blogger mommies meet can have BBQ at your place boh???

  14. eh..i also just bought a bunk bed for my boys. But top part i have not fix yet because since Fearles & cruz still young..they can sleep in one single bed’re ikea kaki har..hehe, all items are from ikea

  15. weh— move house huh? The swivel chair looks like from Ikea. Did you get your double decker from there too? You and Nadia can exchange notes liao.

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