Beware of Potholes & Raised up Manholes

We were doing gardening last Saturday morning and suddenly we heard a loud bang. Apah thought it was like a major accident but I thought how could this happen within the residential roads…

It was an Alfa Romeo which ran over a manhole which was actually protruding out from the road (most of the manholes are like that around my neighbourhood) and it hit the gear box or something. Whatever it is, it was a loud bang and the oil was leaking all over and both his airbags were released. When Apah went over to check on the guy, he was bleeding from his nose and looked really shocked and dazed. Who wouldn’t after an accident like this! Apah made sure he could call for help and was ok then walked back la.

Wah, very dangerous la liddis…next time must drive more carefully and try to avoid the manholes. I remembered a friend was driving a Camry and ran over a pothole and the rim of one of the car tyre bended and had to be replaced! That’s why must slow down and avoid such holes la! During such incidents, the driver may get shocked and the car could have diverted and hit another car leh!

Try reporting to local councils of such potholes and you can vomit blood one…but I used to have an ex-colleague who’s so persistent, she calls the council everyday without fail until the repair is done! But then again…who’s so free like her??


11 responses to “Beware of Potholes & Raised up Manholes

  1. Wah so dangerous wan! yalah collect alot alot of money to fix road..but then the road also berlubang like our pocket!


    aiyooooo…no need manholela…this syabas is wrecking the entire road system la..dig dig dig..but never patch up properly one!!!!!!!!!! my car already so make even older!

  3. aceone118

    No death yet ma so the council people dun care first lo!! Malaysian style ma.

  4. Mommy to Chumsy

    That poor guy. Got injured and have to fix his car too. Who is to blame?

  5. I have the experience to chase after MBPJ for such issue. It was a real pain. Better just go to your area Resident Association and let them deal wit it

  6. mommy of two angels

    wah liao…so teruk…that alra romeo must be very low lah!…gotta drive truck around loh!

  7. CutiePrincessMummy

    hv to open our eyes biggg bigggg when driving! no wonder our country death rate due to road accident is the world champion la! Now we hv to aware of the manhole too besides others cars and factors! Stress man!

  8. Desperate Mummy

    Yes Amah is very dangerous lor if lubang here and there lor when I drive also ar my eye is on the road not on the car in front 😦

  9. didn’t know going through a man hole can cause airbag to be released one.. dangerous man.

  10. Wah, sounds so terrifying. But amah you are quite right. Persistence does pay off. U just got to be nasty sometimes and call everyday, they also cannot tahan.

  11. what kind of language are you guys speaking in this site?

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