Updates on New Home

I have been doing a lot of weeding lately, in fact it’s a daily affair now, but those darn weeds grow so fast I can’t catch up leh! And their roots are so strong and darn deep summore! Look at the bald patch, it was infested with lalang ok! My poor fingers..despite wearing gloves also siong leow! (injured) While I was weeding, my little busybody wants to help too but of course gave me more headache then helping lor..

The remaining pictures of Kieran’s bed. Kylie’s bed is below with the rainbow thingy over it, but the mattress is currently in my room. The study desk fits nicely next to Kylie’s bed but since now the door is not there, Kylie is able disturb him while he does his homework. So we shifted the desk upstairs to the last room temporarily.

Yes the homework nightmare has begun. There are at least 10 pages of homework everyday now and either myself or Apah has to sit with him in order to finish them, otherwise, my dreamer will never be able to complete his homework. After all those years (4 years) in preschool and I am sure all they did was colouring, colouring and more colouring daily, yet my boy’s colouring skills are quite bad…still no direction and out of line! That explains his bad handwriting too!

Then while doing his homework, he was fidgetting as usual and lost his balance and fell off the chair. As a result, he knocked against the edge of the desk and was bleeding a little right at his new bottom new tooth! Apah got very mad but he was crying so bad and I am sure it was very painful. But still, he had to finish his homework and cannot waste too much time crying. Tried coaxing him to stop and continue but he was still you know, holding sobs here and there and the tears occasionally dropped onto his books.

Then suddenly he looked up at me and cried very hard and also told me that the dentist just came to the school earlier that day to check on his teeth…it was like in between sobs and he really looked so distressed till I kinda found it funny lor! Ayo…so bad la this Amah, he was so distressed and I tried so hard not to laugh…


18 responses to “Updates on New Home

  1. so amah when is the open day for makan makan?

  2. Desperate Mummy

    Aiyo Amah! u make me scared lar cos I’m now worried about Brian too cos I’m also enrol him in chinese school lor. By the way, Kieran’s bed was so nice thought of buying one the same for Brian 🙂

    Did Apah sayang-sayang ar ur finger pain-pain lor …

  3. Wow.. nice house there, and I like the kids’ deco.. All Ikea stuff huh?

    Kieren is in Chinese school? I heard Chinese schools really give you lots of home work one hor?

  4. Yeah, chinese school gv lots of homework. Streszzz la…

  5. aiyoooo…..Amah! Now I’m really REALLY scared! HOw? I don’t read chinese leh…how to help????!!!! MATI KATAK LA ME!

  6. Like so cham la… ten pages of homework!!! Wonder how I survived with S1 in Puay Chai for 3 years??? Oh yeah.. I don’t bother..let tuition teacher supervise his homework. Kekeke.. Have to say that I was quite a bad mama leh. Aiyo..but now..I HAVE to sit and scream to make sure he does his homework… was just searching for “Unsafe Drinking Water in the WOrld” wor…

  7. Oh yeah.. double cham. Hurt his tooth, some more must do homework. SOme more the mother laugh. …. tsk tsk.

  8. Yeah…you sapu whole of IKEA izit?

  9. Mommy to Chumsy

    I like the rainbow thingy 😀 Does it come with the bed? Poor Kieran – 10 pages of homework?? Stressful!

  10. teruk lah u..he so stressed oredi u laugh somemore hahaha…

  11. Kieran:Nasty Amah… U so bad la… tooth pain pain liao sumore U wan to laugh…. Bad Amah…. faster kiss kiss make better….*muaks muaks*… Ahhhhh tat’s it ok now no pain liao.. Can continue do 10 pages of homework!!!

    hehheeheh.. ok mummy homework all done liao thanks for kissey kissey…


  12. sasha-not yet la cos plaster ceiling not up yet..hehehe..any recommendation??

    des-aiya so geli la sayang here n there…amah dun like one..hahaha

    zarama-yes military..opps chinese school…yes all from Ikea…hahaha

    ryan&mott-homework everyday n loads of it!!

    nomadic-tuition belum start ma…no lar…all these years i’ve been collecting from all the ikea sales ma..

    chumsy-the rainbow is a separate item..buy for fun only la..hahaha

    jazz&wenn-eh u see his face u oso wanna laugh la..very cute one..

  13. CutiePrincessMummy

    Aiyoh 3rd wks of school oredi 10pgs of homeworks??!! Scare me lar! Pity Kieran!

  14. I really like the rainbow bed…sure brightens up the whole bedroom ya? Oh — groan – yes, all parents need to go thru the homework stage hor….luckily I still have a long way to go!!

  15. aiyoh, he must be so sad that it hit the new tooth… poor Kieran…

    Now we know where you stay ar… next gathering, amah’s house… hahaha… sure lagi havoc

  16. Wah! New house and the decorations are very ‘chun’ leh. Bet u ‘pasted’ a lot of money into it too.

    Aiyo, another under-pressure mommy. 10 pgs of homework????? Wuah lau eh! How is he going to finish? God bless Kieran! “Hai ng hai keh”? U’re scaring the wits out of me leh. I’m really having 2nd thoughts of sending Des to a Chinese school lor.

    This mommy teruk one. Kieran in pain and she laughs summore. Haiyo!

  17. wah… no wonder u MIA for so long lar… bz bz weeding… LOL got find gold or not???? kekekeke

    Poor Kieran… so much homework to do…

  18. Your new house very Ikeaish eh? Nice!

    Aiyooo…poor kieran, how come he fell off from his seat one and knock until got blood?

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