The Best Fish Head Noodles!

Wah..I finally tasted the famous fish head noodles at Taman Desa thanks to my cousin, aka Piggyhoo’s mom, the famous nyonya kuih producer and food critic too! hahahhaa..anyway, the noodles tasted heavenly and was a huge serving. The wait for the food is about over 30 minutes so go early!! Location… to explain ah..aiya u wanna go then only ask me la! I had the one without the milk (left pix) and the one on the right is the one with milk. Preferred the one without milk as the portion was so generous, so without milk not so full la…

On another day we went to this place called Fatty Chong at Taman Sentosa also recommended by the food critic mentioned above. The Guiness Beer Ribs tasted really good even though I was not a pork eater, this one really made me take the 2nd, 3rd and so on and so forth pieces….chomp chomp…ayo no wonder put on weight la!


17 responses to “The Best Fish Head Noodles!

  1. next time bring me to eat ya

  2. where is dis place ah? I stay in Shah Alam wor. But one of my fav is F/Head noodles with milk.

  3. aceone118

    What is the name of the shop?

  4. eh, where la this place? Now u also food bloggger πŸ˜›

  5. Haiyo, one of my favourites. Where’s this place? I know of one in near Kuchai Entrepreneurs’Business Centre.

  6. Eh, what a coincidence. My aunt who came down from Ipoh last week just told me she had the most wonderful fish head noodles in Tmn Desa. Guess it’s the same one you mentioned la. I’m going to check it out soon but have to leave the princess with my mum so that I can eat in peace πŸ˜€ Can’t wait to taste it…mmmmmmmm

  7. Oh, good good. Yue-tau-mai is one of my favourites.

    I just read you are moving house. Fun and exciting hor?

  8. Want more food come over to my buffet lah, but of course cannot compare with the food in this post, yours is definitely more delicious hands down.
    How are you settling in your new home? Do the kids love it? Sometimes kids find moving a bit difficult I remember being so sad leaving my old home behind altho the new one was much nicer.

  9. oo i’ve heard of this place before, better ask my colleague when we are going hahaha

  10. near! tell la where! tell la name!!!!

  11. I LAU NUA already….

  12. WMD: Wife, Mother, Daughter

    Hey I go to those places too..yes yummy. Did you try the Fatty Chong’s salted egg baked crab..very nice. The fish head noodle so big serving but soup is so delicious. Cannot get such thing in Penang.

  13. sasha-can can…how about this saturday??

    milkmaid/aceone/nicktay/tracy/mott-ok ok..tmn desa there’s a shell station rite? it’s the row of shops facing the station and this shop is right at the oppostite end, meaning this shop faces the the condo and next to a building which used to be a school. signboard says Pulau ketam seafood, but i think it’s the night time la. this fish head only day time!!!

    kingswife-fast fast go n try! shiok one! moving house can b exciting but headache leh…

    firehorse-buffet?? what buffet?? tell more la!

    momtochums-yaya..i don’t think i can bring my princess either..very crowded & noisy place

    jazz-fast fast go! no regrets!

    nomadic-we go next time u cum back ok!

    wmd-fuwah! next time i try the crab!

  14. Amah I dun wan directions, next time I cum bek U take me there, can ah??? heheheheheh

  15. He He I post pigcher of food only lah.

  16. Wah, I know where is the fish head place. There are lots of food places in Tmn Desa, must try one day.

    Have you tried another famous fish head noodle with cod fish inside one? It’s in Damansara heights. Very nice also.

  17. Desperate Mummy

    Wah! Amah the food look yummy-yummy ler πŸ™‚

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