Clubbing & Kylie’s Update

Ya ya..the title like so contrasting, clubbing mother..tsk tsk…bad example…no lar..I don’t do this all the time ok, only when Piggyhoo comes back for holiday…otherwise who will go with me leh..

Last Saturday Amah went clubbing with Piggyhoo. We went to this club called Luna Bar located on the 34th floor of Menara Pan Global. Wah…it was an eye opener for Amah, cos that place was like fuiyoh, so cantik (beautiful) ok. It was sort of open concept, the bar surrounding the swimming pool (facilities for the Pacific Regency Suite Service Apartments). The window seats were all booked so we didn’t get to sit there. The window seats are like so romantic ok, with full window view of KL. Our table is next to the pool with a view of KLCC but because of the angle we didn’t get the view of the twin towers. It was a rainy Saturday so the club was faily quiet. There is also a floor above with better view but that place is always booked in advance.

Since there were only two of us, it was kinda boring after a while. The food they served was not good and kinda burnt too. When we complained and asked them to change they came back after a while and told us it’s standard! Just because they have a nice location they can serve yucky food! What a spoiler! We left early and didn’t bother to go to another club as it was pouring…

Kylie’s Update

Last Friday we went back to old place to sleep and Kylie goes back to her cot. But to our horrors, in the middle of the night she was standing next to our bed staring into Apah’s face and said this,


Apah-Amah wake up! Kylie got out of the cot herself!


Turned on the light and then put her back inside the cot. She cried a while but then she demonstrated how she got out again! She put up one leg then pushed herself up and while hanging on the railing, she stretched out her arms to the bed railing on Kieran’s bed andslipped over! Tada! Terror or not???

It’s been very difficult to get her to sleep also. When I start singing this, “Baby baby go to sleep…” She will shake her head and say, “No no..” Oh God help me for the next 3 nights as Apah is away in Singapore!


15 responses to “Clubbing & Kylie’s Update

  1. *fall down from chair* FUIYOH!!!!!!!!! AMAH SO SEXY AH!!!!

  2. Wah Amah, Apah go S’pore Amah go clubbing ah???? Wah eh sai wor sumore post so sexy look here ah…. Chia lat liao….

    Kylie clever girl hor nows how to climb in and out of cot liao now!! Bravo…

  3. wahh..amah!!!! glammerrrr!!!!! FEEEEEUUUUUWWWEEETTT!!

  4. wahh so syiok…clubbing somemore

  5. I like Luna Bar too. Been there once for drinks. Nice ambience, interesting concept with the pool in the middle, ya?
    Hmm…must remember not to eat there next time.

  6. amah VERY sexie wor… woo hoo…

    and kylie!!!! OMG! haha, better be careful liao…. so geng…

  7. mommy of two angels

    wah kylie can talk what!! “no no no” hahaha

    wah so shiok go clubbing …left the kids to apah! you good life lah…amah!

  8. CutiePrincessMummy

    very sexy look wor amah! got ‘leng chai’ to approach u or not?! hehehe 🙂

  9. Hehe…gone were the days to clubbing. You are still so happening. It’s a nice place ler. Wei, next time after I deliver and I become thin arr, we all organize only mommy nights out to clubbing oka arr??

  10. *eyes open big big staring at the pics* Wuah lau eh! Dat girl is really Amah ar? *aiyo, Apah, better watch out lor!*

    *laugh at Ally’s comment* Why must wait until she delivers and becomes thin? Otherwise cannot compete with Amah ar? Hahahahaha.

  11. sasha/shannon-where got? well covered up wat..

    wenn-apah still around la..take care of the kids wat!

    mott-no lar..once in a while see what’s happening in town ma..

    jazz-actually quite boring since 2 of us only

    king’s wife-yes DON’T EAT THERE!!

    2angels-eh she still doesn’t wanna call me leh..good life meh? ok la..muahahaha…

    cutieprincess-aiya where got? no leng chai approach oso…

    ally-for you i think no problem, sure can get slim very fast one!

    tracy-hahaha can imagine u say this leh!

  12. Wah Amah…the top or is it the dress (can’t see the bottom) look so nice on you. Always clubbing ah this amah.

    Hehehhe..Kylie is so smart.

  13. Desperate Mummy

    Aiyo! Amah u look so so so sexy lar! Tat’s why I said first time I saw u my nose nearly bleeding. Eh next time call me lar we go together ok 🙂

  14. fuyoh.. so IN! So who jaga anak?

    Why not just let Kylie sleep with you loh whn Ah Pah not around.

  15. see see see, everytime clubbing also nv want to invite us..:( We should organise one all mummies clubbing nite.Should be very fun!

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