Thank You & Update on Kieran

I would like to thank all well wishers and Apah for his be-early present and also a surprise bouquet of flowers he had sent to my office. Ok, the present was expected, since he was going to be away, the flowers came as a surprise but after knowing who delivered them, it was like cheh……Anyway, it was still very sweet of him la….pssstt…Apah hardly buy flowers for me, if I ever received flowers, means he screwed up bad!! kakakakakkaa….

It was a quiet birthday, ate dinner at mom’s place. Aiya, celebrated last week ledi ma…thanks to Oscar Mommy & gang!

Update on Kieran

Ok, my patience level with him has really been tested maximum ledi. I really cannot tahan anymore. Firstly, the stress of sending and bringing him back from school like not enough, to coach and guide him to finish his homework is the major test!

Since Apah is not around, for the past few days it’s been me helping him with the work. It’s not that he’s not bright at all, just soooo lazy. Reminds me of my maid now! I kept telling him,

Me-Do you want to be like kakak?


Me-Then you must concentrate and think!

K-??? looking at me blankly

Well weyo? Doing maths with him really can vomit blood one. The maths he’s doing now is like a repetition from kindy standard only, but he’s like so totally blur and refused to think at all. When I prompt him for the answer, he just tembak (simply guess) the answer, like what’s the difference between 2 & 1, he will like just stare into la la land and just simply guess one answer! Ayoooo…tuition teacher will only start classes in February…I know it’s like a few more days but still, it’s disheartening to find out how slow he is, and also he couldn’t even complete copying what he’s supposed to copy from the whiteboard! He couldn’t complete copying the homework for Monday and guessed what he did? He asked his friend to complete it for him on Tuesday!!! Die or not????


17 responses to “Thank You & Update on Kieran

  1. WMD: Wife, Mother, Daughter

    Happy Birthday.

    I think boys take their own time to develop. Looking at my boys and TRYING to be optimistic, I think boys are hidden geniuses or genius in the making. So try to be patient loh…he would bring you good surprises before you realize it.

  2. CutiePrincessMummy

    Be patient lar Ah mah! i remember last time i oso hate to do homework and my mum too for asking me to do homework! where got kid loves to do homework wan! Sumore kieran still new to chinese primary leh, eventhough the homework might be repeated, but a lot mar…he oso need times to get use to it i think!!! Gambateh Kieran & Ah mah! ^^

  3. CutiePrincessMummy

    Opppsss… figers act faster than my brain, hehe 🙂

    Hapie birday, Ah Mah! Always stay young, pretty & healthy yea…one! hahaha!!

  4. Amah, mo lo hei la.. Kids all like that ma. Am sure he’ll pass through the phase soon. Good luck..:)

  5. Amah, yesterday just left in a hurry so didnt wish you Birthday tim, so Happy Belated Bird-day. Stay young and sexy with the hair ‘fing-fing’ style. Aiyoh, kieran is just starting to get used to primary school so dont too ‘tekan’ him also la. Pray for patience and also try to spend time with him doing revision on weekends lor… Dont worry la, my time will come also la cos I have one Oscar at home who is showing signs of ‘want-to-make-my-mom-chisin’.. Will be joining yr club in 3yrs time tho’….hehe.

  6. Aiyo.. he’s just standard one leh.. don’t be so hard on him and yourself lar..

    I remember one of my friend said about his very successfully husband when her son came back with exams papers with only 10%, 15%. He said, “aiya.. let him enjoy his primary school days, why worry and stress him so much, last time I was also like that, and see, I didn’t end up in the dumps.”


  7. i tell ya..ur kieren is one smart cookie. Asking his frend to finish homework for him. I had an uncle who ponteng skool everyday, Sold his schoolbooks (so got extra money to play hokey)…but then hor…during final exams…aced everything.

    But my grandmother still caned him anyway lah…so go ahead la..CANE LA!


  8. aiyo, u sould so stress lah…is it really his attitude like dat one or something else?

  9. Thanks all for suggestions n encouragement, ya u r right, only Std One only, don’t be so stressed la!

  10. yeah, std 1 oni… sometimes have to give him some slacks…
    but but, the part about him asking ppl to do his work, aichio!! mana boleh… must explain to him why it’s wrong…

  11. aceone118

    Kieran asked his friend copy homework for him kira smart ledi ma.Kekekeke.

  12. Aiyo, take it easy…I am sure there are many parents out there facing the same thing. I dun know if indirect method will work for your son, but it works on my girl. If I tell her to do homework, she’ll take years to get to her bag. So I have to say the opposite lor “Err, your homework no need to do hor? Teacher won’t scold right. Nevermind lar don’t do lar – go and play lar” Then she’ll take the work out “Must do one ar!”

  13. ace-saw what shannon said? ask friend to do homework is wrong ah!!

    annie-i tried that yesterday, see how it goes.

  14. I’m late, but still- Happy belated birthday! Hope it was a wonderful one! 🙂

    As for Keiran, hmm..i beleive he’s a smart boy, just give him some time, have more patience and i’m sure he’ll pass thru this phase..hehe, but i know it’s easier said than done…;P

  15. shooi

    sabar sabar… all kids (girl & boy) also like tat. My niece also gives her mom the same nightmare.

  16. weiyo..kieran is a smart cookie, can ask friend to finish his work n his friend also ok. He must have had a very good negotiation power.

    May be u gotto bring him to visit some really poor place that kids got no food to eat and no school to go to awaken him a bit.

  17. Amah…if hard way cannot then try soft way lor…man man lei ..mou lowe hei..

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