Hong Kong Trip Re-visited..Day 3 I think…

Wah it’s been a long break. We booked the tickets to Disneyland online 2 days before just in case, don’t want to travel so far and not able to get in! We took our own sweet time to get ready that morning so our original plan of arriving early was like spoiled lor. Reached and the wind was like brrrrrrr freezing cold! see what I had? Just a cotton sweater only! Sei moh? See the Mickey train? Cute leh…

The moment we landed in front, guess where who were the majority crowd?? Cina mia olang la! Talking at max loud volumes and maximum camwhoring non stop. See, I couldn’t wait I just take with them behind me la!

The queue to take photo with Mickey & Minnie was soooo long, we quickly ran to the much shorter queue to Donald Duck. Cute anot? Donald in Christmas suit! Actually Mickey & Minnie’s Christmas suit vely the nice lor…but sob sob….
Then before long it began to drizzle, and then rain….rain…drizzle….drizzle…rain….rain…..eh! Warao…the whole blooming day liddat! Due to the rain and cold weather, Amah kena cold ledi but die die also must complete the journey and also our planned trip to Mong Kok night market after Disneyland! That will come after this….Cannot post too many pics in one post ma..

6 responses to “Hong Kong Trip Re-visited..Day 3 I think…

  1. Wah, i love the “Donald in Christmas suit” LOL! I love Donald much among all the characters.

  2. mommy of two angels

    ya i went there same time…rain drizzle…gloomy weather…but that didn’t damper our spirits la…in disneyland wor!! fun! but super tiring…from queeeuuueee & waiiiiittt

    u so terror still can go nite market after this! mega shopper walker-holic!

  3. The Donald Duck looks very ‘christmasy’…i still can’t load my Australia trip photos onto my blog..arrgghh..will try again this weekend! 🙂

  4. ya wohh..i saw the disney train oso..cute huh…

  5. I like Disneyland.. I went to the one in Paris yet to go the one in Florida and also HK and also Japan…. I will be kambin soon…….

  6. Amah looks like Jap teenage girl la, so cute. kekekeke….

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