DKSH Warehouse Sale

It’s been a tradition that I visit the Diethlem Warehouse sale at least once a year, and since I knew that they distribute MamyP Diapers, it is a must to go! However, it’s always been crazy, packed with so many people, that it’s been impossible to even go in the Scholl shoes section. So I’ve never been able to get any Scholl shoes before until this time. Weyo?

Well, thanks to blogging, I’ve come to know a fellow blogger who is a staff of that company! So she offered to bring me in during the Staff Purchase time, one hour before the time that it’s open to public. However, I was late and when I called her, she didn’t answer her phone. Oh no…1st thing 1st, the jam started like 500m from the place and I just took the chance to drive on and upon reaching the place, I saw a car coming out! YEAH! So managed to park very close to the place which was important as I only went with my maid and the stuff we are going to get are going to be HEAVY!

2nd thing, there was already one kampung (crowd) of people waiting at the main gate. How on earth is the fellow blogger going to see me leh??? She should be busy buying things for herself also ma…Then I just stood stupidly outside the side gate where the guardhouse is. Before long, suddenly she appeared! I screamed out her name like seeing God liddat! She was leaving and didn’t know that I was coming after all! Phew! It was like by chance I managed to catch her to bring me in. The moment I went in, I was practically running towards the diapers section and to my horror the queue was like as long as 100m long! So I left my maid in the queue and surveyed other areas. Took my time browsing and couldn’t help looking at the crowd waiting outside the main gate…kakakakaka….
After buying one round I went to check on my maid and she hasn’t moved much! Then 2nd round came and she moved like 3 metres! WTF! Then I went to the shoes section and managed to get these 2 pairs at RM50 each only! Warao, had time to ponder, try & think…deciding which ones to get…and even at the cashier there wasn’t a queue! Amazing isn’t it?

After the shoes, there really wasn’t anything to see, so went back to the diaper queue and found a chair and relaxed la! Suddenly I heard someone calling me AMAH! It was Shannon! She looked at me with the most grateful and relieved look! Yes, before she asked, I offered to put in the order of the diapers together with mine! Yes, this time round they became more efficient, gave us a form to fill to avoid confusion and wasting time.

Shannon said she will not go again..but if I can go in prior to the public time, why not???


15 responses to “DKSH Warehouse Sale

  1. Hehehe so happy eh ? Wanna go Poney warehouse sale this 1st feb?

  2. wah, u also kaki warehouse sales ar!

    how much is the mamy poko diapers? did they limit how many packets per person?

  3. sasha-poney warehouse ah..err..not so interested 50% off in shopping centre oso very cheap ledi ma.. the standard packing for RM31 each, no limit so bot a lot!

  4. Wah Amah tai sau wok lor.. šŸ™‚

  5. wow u also went…somemroe got shoes!!! keng ah…was supposed to go as well, but my girl had fever so I gave it a miss

  6. Wow….the shoes are really cheap. Outside selling about rm100 a pair la. You so lucky. It’s very funny the way you said you shouted for DM when you saw her, like seeing God. hahahahaha. My sis used to work there so I normally check it out but no shoes last time. Also I didn’t check out diapers then becos no baby yet šŸ˜€

  7. Weii, at least got 2 pairs. So, kenot complain lah. If i can get MP cheap, aitelyu…. two lorries also i drive, lol.

  8. Desperate Mummy

    Hehe!sorrylar Amah only now I know the one who sms me is Jazz is not u cos at the first place I thought is u so sorry cos din wait for u. Actually hor I’m now recalled back the time u called me really very cute lor šŸ˜›

    Sorry ya, Mommy to Chumsy I’m not DM lar still a small Exe. there šŸ™‚

  9. Amah!Salute u lei! U real go for that DKSH warehouse sale oh…haha!Next time if outside got cheap MP i will sms u.

  10. Aiyo, i always don’t have luck to grab the cheap Mamypoko at Diethlem Warehouse. :<

  11. mommy of two angels

    amah…wanna start shop & sell some diapers to me ah??? ahahha

  12. All u better than me la…I dun even know where is the warehouse. šŸ˜›

  13. I wouldn’t mind going too! Looks like you got some good bargain for those sandals.

  14. CutiePrincessMummy

    Never know tat mammy poko oso got in warehouse sale. Amah, next time put a notice in ur blog ler…hehehe šŸ™‚

  15. babyryan-yes, 6 packets of diapers which should last until the next warehouse sale!

    jazz-oh..too bad…

    chumsy-as i said during public time how to get the shoes? so difficult la

    samm-actually the diaper price was not exactly the cheapest i ever got but looking at the current prices, it’s the cheapest la!

    desperatemum-no lar no need to say sorry, my fault also la come so late

    annie-pls pls! but then got so many i think no need to buy for a few months leh!

    ally-nvm, next time we tell u where ok!

    kingswife-ayo…must be prepared and go with at least another person cos can be very gila one!

    cutieprincess-hahah..aiya free advertising for that company and additional ppl to fight with me wor…think first la! kakkakaka..

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