Emotional Time

Yesterday was quite a gila night. As usual we rushed like mad to reach home to cook dinner and Apah picked up Kieran from school. When they came back I saw both of them chewing something in their mouth and there was a guilty look on Kieran’s face. Of course Amah question la, but he kept avoiding me and finally I asked Apah. He cooly told me, it was just Mentos. WHAT?!?!?! I told him so many times, cannot give anything sweet or anything for that matter to the boy before meal time.

Well, mothers know best, as expected, he was not eating his dinner properly, playing with his food as usual, didn’t finish the rice and vegetable. I forced him to finish the vege and at the same time scolded Apah again for feeding him the mentos. Apah actually was very stressed with his work yesterday, already not very happy so lost his cool and let go on Kieran blaming him for my scolding. So he shoved him upstairs to start doing his homework and must have given him very harsh words too. Then he came down saying the boy was sobbing upstairs.

Amah already can’t be bothered leow, cos busy baking my cookies. Then Apah had to leave as he haven’t packed his bag for his Singapore trip the next day, so got to go back to old place to pack and besides, getting picked up from old place is more convenient for the cabby. Kieran suddenly appeared on the stairs wailing…….apah of course heart softened la…and went to carry him.
Pacified him but he was still sobbing with the vege inside his mouth, so as usual, crying causes him to cough and then..ta da..VOMIT! Vomit on the floor like not enough, and then the maid ushered him into the bathroom and guess where he continued throwing out his food? In the basin! This maid really damn stupid or what, I already told her so many times cannot vomit in the basin, well of course blocked la! I made her clear the ‘S’ trap and clean the pipe, if not for this small thing I got to call a plumber ah?

But during this drama, Amah just move the mouth to scold, scold, nag, nag and instruct etc etc..cos my hands were busy ma!


15 responses to “Emotional Time

  1. aceone118http://aceone118.blogspot.com/

    Poor Kieran kena from amah. Dowan eat rice then give him your homemade cookies lor!! kekeke

  2. amah..why u so happening wan? dun la scold too much!

  3. amah very “geng” hand busy, mouth busy, still manage to snap photos.

  4. ace-eh kenot liddat la, eat cookies of course he more happy leh!

    sasha-dun scold also kenot leh, vomit blood la

    john-of course i didn’t take the pics la, hands dirty wat! asked the maid to take ma!

  5. Mommy to Chumsy

    Poor Kieran. Must be stressful for him too. So much homework and also kena scolding.

    Hey, you also know how to make cookies ah? What a clever mummy!

  6. aiyoh scold too much a lot of yr beautiful cells mati la. kids will be kids la… i let oscar feel hunger pangs oni i feed him nowadays… if not he got ‘face’, play with food and try to hide it!!! i lagi stress la… cos i scold hubby, hubby just play or sometimes give me funny/clown looking face… make me looked damn stupid in return! shiats!

  7. Wah, boys oso can be quite manja hor..Look at how he hugged Apah. Very loving la.. 😛

  8. mottmott.blogsome.com

    aiyo..so emo la. I also sometimes emo like this..when the Mr.T do the WRONG (rolls eyes!) thing! Mouth just scold scold scold scold. All 3 boys..just shuddup and look at me. KIAH KIAH KIAH KIAH KIAH!!!!

  9. aiyo poor thing..he look so charm…dont be so hard on him..maybe he is the one likes soft type?

  10. Kieran, next time u must remember not to eat sweet-sweet b4 dinner, if not …see… amah scold di.

  11. Jessie Woohttp://jessiewyt.blogspot.com

    Wow must salute u !! .. Multiple Task at the same time ..

    Relax abit la yeah .. and the cookies do make me hungry !!

  12. children…

    needs to be firm sometimes, but cannot go overboard too like in the olden days.

    eat sweet no appetite to eat proper food? then must challenge oneself to give food that can beat the sweet!

  13. CutiePrincessMummy

    Am oso quite stressful for feeding my gals recently.

    But relak la Amah, i dun really care wan, if they dun want, i oso give up after try for few times. For me, they will asking for food if they hungry later. I know my mil kinda ‘boh song’! I dun care cos i dun wanna shout like crazy woman during the feedings! hehehe 🙂

  14. Julianhttp://www.julianmorin.com/blog

    Wow those cookies looked so nice… must taste nice also i guess.

  15. Ya ya Kieran look so pitiful. Forgive him lah ok?

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