Sticky Kid

This is the daily scene when I was busy and maid was also busy and kor kor was busy doing homework, so? Nobody layan her la! Quite annoying lor. She can’t play on her own and must disturb people one. When she disturbs kor kor, kor kor will use the ruler and hit her hands…ouch! Wuahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….
Then she will attempt to come and climb on my chair and I will of course shoo her off cos she will attempt to lick the cookie dough and grab some into her mouth! Yerrrrrr…….
And she has been refusing her night milk and will not sleep until I sleep, so yesterday I only finished baking about midnight, so she also waited till then la, everywhere I went she followed, even when I went to toilet and showered also could not close the door! Sei mo???

11 responses to “Sticky Kid

  1. Look at your darling’s pitiful face, you *seh tak* scold her meh?

  2. adoi, soooo kesian the muka.

  3. waiya…she sounds like my faythe also lehh…everywhere i go, she says want goo..if kenot then she will start her series of whining..aiyoo..

  4. Aiyo…like so poor thing. But then sometimes, got to be harsh and let them learn the hard way. To be realistic, where got time to layan them 24-7? If we give in to every of their whine and whimper, they will even be stickier.

  5. aceone118

    Kesian punya muka. Aiks..cendol..cendol..anyone?

  6. have been reading your post for some times. your kids are cute but naughty sometimes. i wonder how naughty i was when i was as young as her..

  7. sasha-murphy’s law, when dun have time to layan they whine & cry for more attention!

    babyryan-em seh tak oso got to scold & beat la! if not they climb all over u how to control them later??

    nyonya-the kesian mia muka very easily changed once i offer her food or carry her! bluff one!

    jazz-i think mostly girls are liddat!

    king’s wife-ya lor! yerrrr….

    ace-eh u wan ah cendol? i everyday got supply! kakakkaa

    lawcl-naughty sometimes? wahahahhaa..most of the times time to post all their notty things! oh welcome to my ngam cham blog..what’s your blog??

  8. is my the way, any recipe for your cookies?=P

  9. Cry also can pose hor. So yau yeng!
    Kesian lar…carry her lar!

  10. lawcl-u interested meh? hahaha..wait ah bz la

    annie-hahaha,,didn’t realise she was posing wor!

  11. alamak, another kelian scene here..

    Lots of sob story to read one woh your blog.. 😛

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